Game drives in Lake Mburo National Park : Lake Mburo National Park is the smallest savanna park situated in western part of Uganda the pearl of Africa thus game drives are the major activities enjoyed while on a Uganda safari to this beautiful and strategically positioned park. The park thrills with a stunning savanna grassland that harbor several wildlife species making Game drive adventure a sure deal while on your visit.

The park as well thrills with over 14 lakes where wildlife congest especially during the hot afternoons. There are also rocky plains, gorges, swamps and many more all acting as habitats for plenty of wildlife species.

The Game drives in Lake Mburo National Park are scheduled for day and night depending on what one intends to encounter since some of the animals are easily seen during the day especially early in the morning and late in the afternoons while the rest are shy and can be easily spotted at night as the sun goes down.

Early morning game drives enable travelers to spot early risers and the nocturnal animals as they return to their hiding places and the same applies to night game drives where there is an opportunity to spot the nocturnal animals as they get out of their hideouts.

Night game drives are shorter since they start at about 6:30pm and end around 7:00pm past which the game drive must be managed by the armed rangers as you drive deeper in the jungle in search of the nocturnal animals like the bush babies, Leopards (though not easily seen).

Day game drives are the most common one where tourists enjoy an adventure of driving amidst the grazing animals such as the Zebras, Waterbucks, Elands, Impalas, and many more.

Game drives in Lake Mburo National Park

Game drives in Lake Mburo National Park are well motivated by the fact that the park is situated closer to the Capital city thus tourists get there in time after a few hours’ drive on good roads direct from Kampala/ Entebbe to the park unlike other savanna parks in Uganda that are situated in the remote areas.

The park is as well one of the best to visit on a walking safari with an opportunity to walk very close to the animals and get carried away in the wild by the stunning flora of the park.

In addition to the game drives and walking safari, Lake Mburo national park as well offers Horse riding safari which is the best way to complement the Game drives. With the horseback ride, tourists get an opportunity to enjoy the stunning views of the park while at the back of a horse as the horse chases away the Zebras and other grazing animals in the park.

It is such a thrilling experience to enjoy while on your Uganda safari after the Game drives in Lake Mburo National Park. The horseback ride is managed and controlled by Mihingo lodge one of the best luxury lodges near Lake Mburo national park.

The park as well offers Boat cruise safaris which is usually enjoyed in the afternoon after returning from the Game drive. This is yet another golden chance to watch plenty of animals as they gather along the shores of the lake. Look out for Hippos, Crocodiles, water birds and other animals that visit the lake to quench their thirst.

Other things to do apart from Game drives in Lake Mburo National Park include, cultural tours, spot fishing, Quad biking, Cycling and many more.

Spending a day or 2 days on a game drive adventure in Lake Mburo national park is such an alluring thing one needs to do at least once in a life time. Since the park is situated closer to Kampala the capital city of Uganda and as well situated along the Kampala- Mbarara road, its easy accessibility makes an exceptional safari destination in Uganda.

A game drive safari in Lake Mburo national park can easily be combined with other different activities including boat cruise, walking safari, fishing, horseback ride, cultural tour, biking and many more without forgetting that Lake Mburo national park can be easily combined with other different parks especially those that thrill in western part of Uganda like Queen Elizabeth national park, Bwindi impenetrable national park, Mgahinga gorilla national park and many more.

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