Fun facts about boat rides: Boat rides keep growing popular and more popular every year as safari enthusiasts keep taking them on as safari activities in the safari itineraries.

Boat rides are activities where you go on the water in a modern boat to experience the water body, its features and its surroundings.

Usually, boat rides take you from one end of the water body to another end as you view the water the surrounding vegetation, and some animals in the habitats around. If the water body has animals, the boat ride will give you an up close and personal vantage point to view the water animals.

Most boat rides are scheduled, so you have to book them at least days or weeks in advance; for you not to be disappointed.

The boat rides can be done in the morning, mid-morning, or afternoon depending on the schedule and the water body and the authorities that govern the water body.

It’s not advisable to have boat rides in the night because there isn’t enough light to guide you and you are on this boat ride. That said in first world countries, you will find boat rides done even at night.

Though it’s important to know how to swim in case of anything; you don’t really have to know how to swim to go for a boat ride. Usually, if everything stays as planned you will not interact with the water at all. You will just stay in the boat on top of the water.

So really you may not need to know swimming.

However, knowing how to swim is an added advantage for you, in case of anything that may require you to swim to save your life.

Fun facts about boat rides
Boat-cruise in Akagera National Park

Also, safety gear is always availed to you when you are going for a boat ride. In fact, before you go for the boat ride you will be briefed about the ride, given you precautional measures you need to know, given signals to use in any case, and given life jackets and other lifesaving gear.

This is the protocol for all people going for a boat ride.

A boat ride experience may take between 2 to 3 hours depending on how big the distance you are covering is.

Fun facts about boat rides: Boat rides are done all year round any day of the year, but most people prefer to have them during the dry season. Because the rain will not disrupt your view but most of the other safari activities are also done during the dry season, so that’s when people are on the safari experience.

Boat rides are top-up activities on a safari, they are usually not the main activity of the safari. Most people will do a boat ride to cool down from the heavy activities of the day and the safari.

In Uganda, boat rides are mainly done at Queen Elizabeth National Park, lake Mburo National Park, Lake Bunyonyi, Kazinga Channel, Victoria Nile in Jinja Murchison Falls National Park, and Lake Victoria.

In Rwanda, it is lake Ihema in Akagera, Lake Kivu and a couple of other places.

In Tanzania, Kenya, the democratic republic of Congo and Zanzibar there are numerous sites for boat rides.

Because of the anticipated risks that come with boat rides and how children behave during emergency situations, it’s advised that Children below 10 do not go on these boat rides. However, different facilities may have other considerations that may allow a child below 10 to go for the boat rides.