East Africa Tourist Visa : East Africa Tourist Visa is a document that enables one to explore different countries in East Africa. We all know that East Africa is amongst the top travel destinations in the world and thus to ease of the stress of obtaining multiple visas, there was obviously a need for an East African Tourist Visa.

A need to introduce an East Africa Tourist Visa was launched in Kampala the Capital City of Uganda the pearl of Africa where heads of states from Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda and later on in 2014, the East Africa Tourist Visa started operation working in only these stated countries. This was done to boost the tourism and travel in these 3 countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya and as well boom their trade and export industry across Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.

Back to tourism sector, this East Africa Tourist Visa enables one to explore Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda with a single visa and this visa is valid for only 90 days and is not renewable.

The requirements to apply for an East Africa Tourist Visa include;

  • A valid Passport which is at least 6 month from expiry date
  • One small sized and colored passport photo
  • A certificate of yellow fever vaccination
  • And finally an application letter

Upon obtaining all the above, there is a need to pay only $100 which is the fee for the East African Tourist Visa and the amount is per person.

Thus can be achieved either online before embarking on your safari or upon arrival in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda which are the only countries that allow the use of the East Africa Tourist Visa thus the moment one crosses to other countries, this Visa becomes invalid. This East Africa Tourist Visa is applicable for only foreign non Residents therefore, foreign Residents in these East Africa Countries only require valid work permits or valid National Identification Cards. This is also the same thing with the Nationals of these East African countries.

One can as well opt to have an ordinary tourist visa which costs $50 per person per country they intend to cross to. For any other information regarding the East Africa Tourist Visa, check out along respective embassies and commissions in different countries.

East Africa Tourist Visa

This East African Tourist Visa is all you need to enjoy 3 countries across East Africa including Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda hassle free.

What to expect / places to visit on your East Africa safari (Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda)

An itinerary consisting of all these 3 destinations is such a rewarding expedition that will keep your energy high at all the given period of time.

While in Uganda the pearl of Africa, you will encounter with mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable national park the home to the largest population of endangered mountain gorillas and another place is Mgahinga gorilla national park a home to only 1 gorilla family. Uganda as well has stunning savanna parks including Murchison falls national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Kidepo valley national park, Lake Mburo national park.

Primate lovers have an opportunity to explore Kibale forest national park a home to 13 primate species without forgetting other destinations like Semliki national park, Mount Elgon national park, Rwenzori Mountain national park and lots of water bodies, forest reserves, sanctuaries and many more.

In Rwanda, tourists have an opportunity to explore Rwanda’s 3 stunning parks including Volcanoes national park where one is able to trek endangered mountain gorillas, Nyungwe forest national park a home to several primate species equivalent to those in Kibale forest national park and finally Akagera national park the only savanna park in Rwanda.

In Kenya, tourists are rewarded with a whole lot of stunning places to explore topped up by Masai Mara National Reserve one of the most stunning savanna park in Kenya and East Africa. Masai Mara is famous for existence of the annual wildebeest migration that is seen between Masai Mara national Reserve in Kenya and Serengeti national park in Tanzania.

Other destinations in Kenya include; Amboseli National Park famous as a home to the largest herd of Elephants, Samburu national reserve, Mount Kenya national park, Hell’s Gate national park, Lake Nakuru national park a home to abundant of Flamingo birds, Nairobi National park, Meru national park, Tsavo East and Tsavo West  national park and many more.

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