Divine Resort & Spa : Getting to have the best kind of resort rest when you are in the pearl of Africa turns out to be the best kind of rest that would surely make your day extremely memorable and highly precious.

Uganda has the most beautiful sceneries that make a lot want to have a visit in it and hence most travel from far and near just to spend some time in Uganda.

The water sceneries alone are enough to give one the best kind of venture in the pearl of Africa as they get to understand how great Uganda surely is right from day one to the very last day in the country.

From reflective poems that capture the beauty and serenity of lakes to those that celebrate the majesty of nature, Uganda carries all kinds of water scenery beauty that one would love to experience in Uganda.

So pack a picnic lunch, grab a blanket, and enjoy the most breath taking moments in the pearl of Africa starting from the precious Lake Victoria going even beyond the horizons of river Nile in Jinja.

Drenched in sunlight, dancing there those dreams evolved into a mist lifting up, it kissed the sky spinning rainbows in my eyes when you get to have a picnic at one of the most loveliest places in Uganda.

A Blissful Resort of Love and Happy Holidays is what one can easily term this resort to be and of the fact that it’s on the most famous water body in Uganda this adds on to its beauty.

Divine Resort is one of the most trending resorts in Uganda with so much attracting features for a soul in need of rest after a long trip from the great mountain gorillas or from a long hike at the Rwenzori Mountains.

Divine Resort located on Mpatta Peninsula on Lake Victoria providing all its sightseers the most amazing time of rest in the pearl of Africa due to the way it was wonderfully designed and arranged to see that its sightseers get the best of themselves at the resort.

Divine Resort is just a 2 hours’ drive via Mukono town and for visitors who would love to have a shorter travel it is just 5 minutes away from Gaba, providing all the visitors with excellent activities to engage in.

Divine Resort & Spa
Divine Resort & Spa

Divine Resort Simply draws Inspiration from Surroundings to Make Events and visits So Special & Memorable to all those that choose to have a visit, doing this through the different activities that it provides to the visitors.

Divine Resort allows guests to enjoy many activities around the peninsula and this surely makes the stay highly memorable and highly unbeatable and these activities include; boat rides, jet skiing and lots of indoor games.

 With achieve global safaris one has the chance to experience Unforgettable Days of Mother Nature at Naturally Blessed Resort which surely make your stay forever at heart.

For bookings at the resort one can contact Achieve Global Safaris in order to have easy bookings to stay at the resort and for further adventures in Uganda as well.