Discounted Uganda Gorilla trekking permits for 2020/ 2021

Discounted Uganda Gorilla trekking Permits for 2020/ 2021: The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) which is a government body governing all the protected parks in Uganda issued out a note dated on 27th November 2020 indicating that they had reduced the gorilla trekking permits in order to attract more tourists during this festive season as a way of promoting tourism sector in Uganda the pearl of Africa that has been hit by the novel coronavirus since March 2020 when the 1st corona case was detected. The discounted gorilla permits offer however will run from 1st December 2020 up to the 31st March 2021 and cannot be rescheduled like other normal permits. Originally, a Uganda gorilla trekking permit for Foreign Nonresidents cost $700, for Foreign Residents $600 and for the Ugandans and other East Africa community member states cost Ugandan shillings 250,000. However with the 50% discount, a discounted Uganda gorilla permit currently was reduced from $700 to $400 for Foreign Nonresidents, $600 to $300 for Foreign Residents and Ugandan shillings 250,000 to 150,000 for Ugandans and all other East African member states.

Where can one obtain the discounted Uganda gorilla trekking Permits?

The above discounted Uganda gorilla trekking permits can be obtained either direct from the Uganda wildlife Authority headquarters in Kamwokya or through a trusted and registered tour operator like Achieve Global safaris which is based in Kampala Uganda and always ready to take you onto your breath taking gorilla trekking safari in 2 beautiful parks of Uganda that harbor these endangered primates that is Bwindi Impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park both situated in South western part of Uganda the pearl of Africa.

What is inclusive in the discounted Uganda gorilla trekking permit?

The Uganda gorilla trekking permit covers different costs including the trekking fees which allow an hour with gorillas, park entrance fees to Bwindi and Mgahinga, the ranger fees, conservation fees and the rural development fees that is meant to cater for the local communities near these parks. However, the permit excludes porter hire fees, tips to the porter and guide, gratuity, gorilla trekking gears, accommodation, transportation, meals and all other expenses of personal nature.

Gorilla trekking destinations in Uganda

Uganda thrills with only 2 destinations where one will be able to visit and spend an hour with gorillas at a discounted rate in this festive season and these include; 

  • Gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park:

Bwindi impenetrable national park is top visited gorilla destination in Uganda since it’s a home to the largest population of the still surviving mountain gorillas in the wild. Bwindi thrills with 4 different gorilla trekking sectors where one is capable of choosing which one they wish to trek in depending on the availability of gorilla permits and availability of accommodation facilities.  These sectors in Bwindi include Ruhija sector, Buhoma sector, Rushaga sector, Nkuringo sector and Ntebeko all well distributed throughput the park allowing different travelers to easily access them either from Kampala Uganda or Kigali Rwanda. 

  • Gorilla trekking in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park:

Mgahinga Gorilla national park on the other hand is a home to only one Nyakagezi gorilla family which implies that only 8 permits are available on a daily basis since the maximum number of trekkers allowed to trek a particular gorilla family is 8. With only one gorilla family in the park, the demand for these permits is always high thus requiring early booking.

Will the permits go high after festive season?

Yes, after 31st March 2021, the Uganda Gorilla trekking permit will rise again to the normal price of $700 for Foreign Nonresidents, $600 for foreign residents  and Ugandan shillings 250,000 for Ugandans and East African community member states. Thus to enjoy this offer, you need to confirm your trip now and obtain your gorilla permit while there is still availability since the demand has gone high. However, even after the pricing rising back to normal, Uganda still offers the most affordable gorilla trekking permit than her neighbors in Rwanda whose permit to trek similar gorillas in Volcanoes national park costs $1,500 per person making a difference of $800. 

Other rates that were discounted by the Uganda Wildlife Authority;

Apart from Uganda discounted gorilla trekking permit, the Uganda Wildlife Authority as well announced a discount in chimpanzee trekking permit, birding fees and park entrance fees running from up to the end of March 2021 as below;

  • Chimpanzee trekking permit has been discounted from $200 to $150 for foreign Nonresidents, $150 to $100 for foreign residents, UGX. 150,000 to UGX.100, 000 for East African community members. All these are for Kibale forest national park which the primate wonder of the world. This offer is only valid for new permits and there is no reschedule for these permits once bought and no use of credit notes.
  • All birding fees have been discounted by 50% of the initial fees.
  • Park entrance fees for savanna parks which include Kidepo valley national park, Murchison falls national park, Lake Mburo national park and Queen Elizabeth national park have been discounted by 50% for Adults; from $40 to $20 for Foreign Nonresidents, $30 to $15 for Foreign residents and UGX 20,000 to UGX 10,000 for Ugandans and all other East African community members. For children, the 50$ discount goes from $20 to $10 for foreign Non Residents, $10 to $5 for Foreign residents and UGX 5,000 to UGX 2,500 for Ugandans and East African member states.
  • On the other hand, the park entrance fees for other parks including Semliki national park, Katonga wildlife reserve, Pian Upe wildlife reserve, and Toro semliki wildlife reserve has been discounted on a $50 basis for adults; from $35 to $17.5 for Foreign Nonresidents, $25 to $12.5 for foreign residents and UGX 15,000 to UGX. 7,500 for Ugandans and East Africa Community member states. For children, a 50% entrance discount goes from $5 to $2-5 for both foreign residents and foreign nonresidents and UGX 2,500 to UGX. 1,250 for Ugandans and other East Africa community members.
  • Park entrance fees for Kabwoya wildlife reserve have been reduced from $10 to $5 for Foreign Non Residents, $5 to $2.5 for foreign residents and UGX 2,500 to UGX 1,250 for Ugandans and East Africa community members.