Cultural safari in Rwanda : Culture is one of the biggest attracts that draw different kind of people to coming to East Africa and with this fact Rwanda is one of the countries that have got amusing and exciting cultural experiences to offer on a cultural visit.

Rwanda is one of the smallest countries in East Africa but yet the best country to have a simple vacation into for the different kinds of fascinations that it provides to those who get to visit.

Rwanda has got a recorded population of about 12,777,907 inhabitants and the official languages used in Rwanda area Kinyarwanda, French and English.

Kinyarwanda is the local language that is used in Rwanda but this does not imply that there are no other languages used in the country, numerous Rwandans also speak Swahili, French or English.

Rwanda has got three main tribes well known in the country and these are known as the Hutu, Tutsi or Twa, these three have different kinds of cultures and hence when it comes to culture in Rwanda expect variety of experiences.

Aside from the Hutu, Tutsi and Twa there’s also the small ethnic groups of the Banyenkombo, Bagogwe and Banyambo these are also found in Rwanda as well just like the rest they have their own culture waiting on you to experience.

When it comes to religion it is recorded that 93.7% of Rwandans are Christian with 56.5% are Catholic and 37.1% are Protestant and with Muslims estimated at around 4.6%.

Rwanda was declared as a republic fully independent on 1, July, 1962 and this is the most celebrated day in Rwanda with a festival to remember when they Rwanda was set free from Rwanda.

There are several Experiences to encounter in Rwanda right from the people to the food and drinks, cloths, music and so on hence in this article get to learn a few things about Rwanda as you plan to have a Rwanda safari this summer.

When it comes to culture in Rwanda it involves a lot of things and these include music and dance carried out in Rwanda hence get to know some of the rhythms used in Rwanda.

When it comes to clothes in Rwanda this is just something else umushanana is the traditional dress code that was made out of animal skins and it worn by women.

Cultural safari in Rwanda
Cultural safari in Rwanda

 Men are wrapped up in menish skirts that are designed with beads and even in their necks as well hence creating the elegance of fashion in the country.

The local meals in Rwanda are the most delicious meals ever tasted of though they may seem to be weird at first but it’s the best meal ever in Rwanda.

Meals like ibitoke (bananas), ibishimbo(beans), isombe(mashed cassava leaves) accompanied with fish, beef, pork, goats meat, as the stew with drinks like ikivuguto and not forgetting ghee got from the milk as it that most Rwandans are cattle keepers.

A cultural visit in Rwanda can be accompanied by different other safari activities and you get to have the best kind of experiences in the republic of Rwanda with you and your family.

This can be well arranged for one through Rwanda safari and you get to have the best kind holiday vacations in East Africa hence this is the greatest kind of holiday for you and your family.

Get to visit other area in the republic of Rwanda so that you get to learn further more about the beauty of the country and its people plus you getting to have the best time of your vacations.