Climate and Seasons in Uganda

Climate and Seasons in Uganda: When it comes to Climate in Uganda, the country has a tropical climate and it’s degrees of temperature stretches from approximately twenty-two to twenty-five degrees Celsius except that the mountainous regions are way cooler because of the elevation. The best example we can give is the isolated Mountain Elgon whose top is always in snow. Just like every other country, There are both dry and rainy seasons in Uganda. The driest of the season is the span from December to February.

Seasons in Uganda

The country can mean to be extremely rainy in some months especially in the middle of March and May then in the middle of October and November. In these months, the temperature can not only mean to be cold but it becomes hard to make expeditions to certain areas of the country because the roads are muddy and vehicles often get stuck on the roads especially non-4WD vehicles.

So which season is best for safaris to Uganda? The best time to have Uganda safaris is during the dry months of the year which are, between January and February then June to September. During this time the parks are dry, wildlife becomes more visible and you can view them in plenty under the best weather condition. Gorilla Tracking is also best carried out during the dry months of the year.

What kind of clothes should you park whilst on your safari to Uganda? flimsy clothes are recommended most if you are to have a safari to Uganda in the dry season of course not forgetting a a warm cloth for the evenings. Strong leather shows are recommended for Gorilla Trekking and similar activities along with tops that are long sleeved to cushion you from the mosquitoes around the parks. Like said previously, Mountainous areas are always cool implicating you need extra-warm clothes in case you are planning to visit them. The color of the clothes you pack also matter, white and cream clothes will easily get dirty because of the dust on the roads. Try and pack dull colored clothes.

Seasons in Uganda

Where is Uganda located? Uganda is situationed in the East African region. It lies left of Kenya, bottom of South Sudan, right of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and top of Rwanda and Tanzania. Uganda is situated right in the core of the Great Lakes region, and is enclosed by the tri of them, Lake Victoria (Biggest Lake in the world), Lake Albert, and Lake Edward. Despite majority of its border being lake-shore, Uganda is a landlocked country and has no ingress to the sea.