Christmas Gorilla group is situated in Bwindi impenetrable national park; in the sector of Nkuringo. Bwindi impenetrable National park has new group called Christmas Gorilla family it’s full open habituated gorilla group. Christmas Gorilla family is located Nkuringo region of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Christmas gorilla group

Nkuringo and Rushaga are the greatest of the southern part of Bwindi impenetrable. Nkuringo region is located in the Southern sector of Bwindi. The family is located in the southern part of Bwindi in Nkuringo region. Mountain Gorilla family is habituated in Nkuringo making it three Gorilla groups this is open for trekking in this region. Christmas Gorilla family has 9 members with mainly 6 that are seen moving around.

The gorilla group has a dominant Silverback known as Christmas, One black back, one baby Gorilla group and three females. If a trekker is interested in trekking the Christmas family one should book the Nkuringo region.

Christmas Gorilla group is a new group in Nkuringo it has led to the increase in number of Gorilla permits. To trek Christmas Gorilla one should book in advance pro to 3 months and then request for Christmas Gorilla group on the very day of trekking. Gorilla family is determined on the actual day of trekking your given freedom to request for Gorilla family on arrival depending on your fitness.

Christmas Gorilla group increased in number as well as available for booking and trekking mountain Gorillas in Bwindi national park. With the introduction of Christmas Gorilla group  the number of Gorilla families has increased  from 15 to 17. Each Gorilla group  is given maximum of one hour  by a maximum of 8 people each day.Nkuringo region a home to Christmas gorilla group is accessed by road from Entebbe/Kampala via Kabale, Mbarara and Nkuringo.

Christmas Gorilla family most reliable and trusted lodges are clouds mountain Gorilla lodge .the lodges are just 5 minutes drive to the starting point. The tourists can stay in Rushaga region , where many lodges have been constructed. Gorilla trekking allows spending up to four hours with mountain Gorillas under habituation.