Canopy walk in Rwanda : Canopy walking is one of the most exciting activities in the land of Rwanda and most of the sightsees that carry it out truly enjoy it and have it at lips that it is the best ever done activity in the country, In Rwanda canopy walking is simply mostly done at the nyungwe national park provides an exhilarating experience just along on a suspended bridge of over 70m above the electrifying Nyungwe forest.

Having this walk can make you get to under that there is nothing more exciting as having a day spent with nature, being guided the walk is simply on a 160m long walk way that takes about 2 hours on this suspended bridge.

Nyungwe forest is simply just not excellent for the canopy walk but the forest as contain numerous kinds of wild species of wild beings and these involve in the endangered chimpanzees plus 12 primates species that stand in as an addition to the walk in along the bridge.

And when it hits the point of those who are simply taken off by the beauty of birds nyungwe as well contains 300 bird species waiting on for you to sight and get to have the best of the day in the wild with the sound of their singing.

The forest is also well known for over 1000 unique tree species and these also top up on the Rwanda safari adventures in the bio diverse rain forest which provide that most excellent breathtaking atmosphere of air in the area.

To supplement on the unique tree spices top on the greatness of amphibians, and reptiles species, all of which will catch up with your blessing of the safari venture on your nyungwe safari canopy walk and you get to have it all mind blowing.

The walk can be done throughout the entire year but is most favorable in the dry months of the year and these are the months that run from June to September and December to February.

Having the canopy walk is yes electrifying for simply anyone but mostly recommended for personnel’s from the age of 6 and above at a cost fee of about 60 USD per walk per person.

For the age of 6 to do this walk it is precaution that the activity is done together with their parents because the activity can be bit tariffing for the little ones.

Canopy walk in Rwanda
Canopy Walk in Nyungwe Forest National Park

A great view at the east African region, lake kivu and different sections of the nyungwe forest as sightsees sight various animals, birds, insects, reptiles and amphibians in the forest is the basic benefit of the canopy walk at nyungwe forest.

Expect to have some hiking while on the nyungwe canopy walk due to the stand that in order to access the suspended bridge from the 2.1km long Igishigishigi trail hiking trail in Nyungwe national park.

Immediately after the trail you now join in to the 160 meters suspended bridge that’s over the forest, and this hiking trail shouldn’t cease you from taking the walk because is extremely so fun and easy to encounter to all first time hikers to experience.

When it comes to the canopy walk in nyungwe forest expect to wake up early enough due to the fact that the walk starts 8:00am/ 10:00am and 7:00pm or 3:00pm towards those who are simply not afraid of heights, making this an extreme kind of venture.

Before setting off for the venture be certain that all that you may need for the activity is in place in order to avoid making the troupe slug behind therefore when planning to go on the canopy walk wear suitable footwear and take a lightweight raincoat. You can also rent boots and a raincoat from the park headquarters where they can also be provided with a walking stick which is handy on the steep paths.

For adventurous travelers, the nyungwe canopy walk is an exceptional and outstanding involvement however, for individuals with anxiety of heights; this can be dubbed as a ceaseless gait to hell.

In the whole of East Africa, Nyungwe Forest is the only place with such a memorable canopy walk worth undertaking and this activity can well arranged for you by Achieve global safari in order to have a memorable experience of venture.

Achieve global safari will truly arrange each and everything for you in order to see to it that your venture is unforgettable right from accommodation, transportation and all the necessary items plus a provision of a well-trained safari guide.

Achieve global safari has it that to undertake a canopy walk experience in Nyungwe it is recommended for tourists to be free from any healthiness difficulties which can have emotional impact towards a person during the hike individuals with health difficulties like heart problems, lung problems that can cause squatness of breath are counseled not to partake in the safari activity persons who are afraid of heights or those with acrophobia are advised not to undertake a canopy walk. Nevertheless, for persons who commence the safari activity, it is significant to follow the strategies as advised by the tour guides.

In conclusion, Nyungwe Canopy walk is one of the safari activities in Rwanda that can’t be missed on a safari then after the canopy walk have a chance to get involved in other safari activities in the country including Rwanda gorilla tours, golden monkey trekking, birding, chimpanzee trekking, and so very many others.