Can You Touch a Gorilla? Rules & Regulations /Gorilla Trekking, Habituation Safari

 Can You Touch a Gorilla? Rules & Regulations : Gorillas are wild animals and you are not allowed to touch on them though they share 98% DNA to humans meaning can easily be transmitted by human borne diseases like Flu, cough, malaria, Covid-19, diarrhoea to them. For that reason, visitors with such communicable diseases listed above are not allowed to trek gorillas. Above that, Gorilla trekking is a privileged activity but requires one to be well organised and in good healthy to make it even more memorable. We recommend you to always follow instructions given by the park range. Furthermore, you can only touch gorillas when permitted by the park ranger guides.

Can You Touch a Gorilla? Rules & Regulations
Can You Touch a Gorilla? Rules & Regulations

However, the endangered mountain gorillas can be found within three countries worldwide which is Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. More so, the international Union for conservation of the nature classified these great mountain gorillas as critically endangered, in the world there are less than 1063 mountain gorillas left in the wild.

Mountain gorillas are endangered species with thick fur compared to other gorillas which enables them to adapt to cold areas on the mountains. Mountain gorillas in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable national park inhabits in tropical rainfall forest and Rwanda, Congo mountain gorillas live in Virunga mountains and some in Mgahinga Gorilla national park. Gorillas live in a group of up to 30 individuals led by a dominant gorilla ‘’Silverback’’.

For those wondering whether they can touch a gorilla, below are some of dos and don’ts whether they can touch a gorilla or not.

Travelers must always keep 7 meters’ distance while with gorillas. And you’re advised to avoid eye contact with the silverback.

Smoking and eating while trekking is prohibited and always low your voices

Flash discs are not allowed in the jungle because they scare mountain gorillas, unlike golden monkeys who love flash lights in cameras.

Before gorilla trekking begins, they first consider age verification done using passports. The minimum age to participate in gorilla trekking is 15 years above.

Can You Touch a Gorilla? Rules & Regulations
Can You Touch a Gorilla? Rules & Regulations

Visitors should follow instruction given by the park rangers

Only 8 people are allowed per group to trek a given gorilla family

Gorilla trekking starts with a briefing about dos and don’ts of the activity.

Tourists must keep lower voices and always keep in touch.

Do not litter rubbish within the park rather go back with it

Rwanda mountain gorillas live on the slopes of volcanic mountains. You might require some physical fitness depending on the group you’re trekking. While people with disabilities can be helped by the porters who carry them in and out on Sedan chairs.

Do not touch gorillas are wild apes and can easily be transmitted by the vulnerable to human diseases.

Tourists allowed to participate in gorilla habituation experience only four people in order to avoid much crowd of people which may dissolve discomfort and stress to gorillas.

Never attempt to run from a mountain gorilla, if you approached one of a gorilla you must act submissive and crouch down.

Essentials tourists must carry on gorilla trekking safari include; wear long sleeved short, trousers, hiking boots, cotton clothing, insect repellent, packed lunch, rain coats, fully charged camera it must be digitalized not flash disc.

Gorilla trekking activity in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo normally lasts for about 2 to 8 hours depending in the location of the gorillas.

Do not attempt to touch mountain gorillas even when they are attracting you. They can mistake into aggressiveness.

Tracking Mountain gorillas involves moving long distances searching for the gorilla group, often involves climbing steep terrain and mud-filled trails. You required to be physically fit and in good shape for the best experience.

While in the presence of mountain gorillas, you are requested to turn away your head when sneezing or coughing because they can be easily infected by human diseases.

Can You Touch a Gorilla? Rules & Regulations
Can You Touch a Gorilla? Rules & Regulations

Always wash your hands before and after Gorilla trekking/hand sanitizing

One hour provided once you allocate the gorilla family you’re to Trek-Gorilla trekking

Only 4 hours given to trackers participating in -Gorilla habituation experience

Unnecessary movements during the one-hour observation of gorillas is not allowed.

It is very important to spend short time with primates so that they have enough time to thrive and socialize with their own kind.

Volunteer to remain behind if you are not feeling well, you will be refunded back the money you spent on the permit.

Tourists are advised to put on good rubber hiking shoes which is ideal in climbing muddy and steep slopes, ensure you carry enough drinking water and packed lunch from your hotel or lodge.

Trackers are advised to carry a rain jacket and other gear to be on the safe side.

If you would love to visit long hole while in the forest, ask the guide to dig for you a hole of at least 30 centimetres deep and after it must be buried when you finish.