Busoga Kingdom : Uganda is yet one of the other most excellent amazing country in the entire of east Africa and a safari at the destination is just every other sightseer would love to experience.

Uganda is made up of so very many different districts and even very many different kingdom and these are some off the reasons as to why Uganda is a significant country among all the rest of the country.

In this article Achieve global safaris brings to you yet one of the kingdoms with so very many lovely and extreme beauty in it filled with loving and receptive people all over.

Busoga kingdom is just one of the kingdoms in the pearl of Africa with so very many cultural norms and customs that are so great to learn of and even understand more of.

Busoga kingdom is found in the in the eastern part of Uganda, with the source of the river Nile the longest river in Africa inhabited by the people of the Busoga Kingdom.

Busoga kingdom is simply a great place to visit while on a Uganda cultural safari Uganda due to its great significance to Uganda’s Tourism is its overall economy and above all of it the welcoming individuals.

A visit into the busoga region will allow one a chance to try out some of the most excellent safari activities that can be done along the river Nile in jinja which is the capital city of busoga and also other safari activities such as white water rafting, swimming, bungee jumping, canoeing, bird watching tours, nature walks, biking tours and so many others.

Attractions in Busoga kingdom

Busoga kingdom is filled with lots of attractions and in this article we bring to you some of the beauty that you are yet to discover while on your venture into the great busoga kingdom of Uganda.

Cash crops: Busoga is known to be one of the best food growing destinations in Uganda and these food stuffs are grown in huge numbers and these also act as one of the attractions that bring so many to come and sight of and also learn the art of farming used in the region and some of these include; Coffee, Sugar, Rice

Busoga Kingdom
Itanda Falls

Itanda falls: this is one of the most popular destinations in Busoga kingdom most visited for its thrilling Activities ranging from canoeing, kayaking, white water rafting to a lot more of endless fun.

The World War Cemetery: It’s here that the East African Infantry battalion of the British Commonwealth buried its soldier and a visit at this destination can as well help you to know more about the history of the East African Infantry battalion.

Kagulu Rock: this is yet another thrilling point of attraction that can be visited in the busoga kingdom to see that you also get to have an experience of great photography and other fascinating ventures.

Other attractions include:

The Mpumwiire Coronation site

The Buswiikira Site

Bujagali Falls

The Budhumbula Mausoleum

Nsono -Namakoko

Dolwe Island

With the help and support of Achieve global safaris one is in position to be able to venture busoga kingdom and that other areas of uganda and hence to be able to experience the beauty in the country.