Birding Safaris In Upemba National Park 2024-2025: While on any kind of safari activity in the democratic republic of Congo sightseers should have a visit at Upemba National Park which is ranked as one of the largest national parks in the country.

Upemba National Park was gazette in 1939 making it the second oldest national park in the country covering an area of about 13,000 square kilometers situated in the southeastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo few kilometers from Kundelungu National Park and in the Lualaba Province.

Upemba National Park is home to various wildlife that can be spotted in the national park ranging from mammals, reptiles, batrachians, birds, fish, and vast wetlands. The park holds over 1,800 wildlife species such as cheetahs, zebras, buffaloes, lions, leopards, elephants and the Katanga Impala also the national park is home to water bodies including Lake Upemba and Lake Kisale, as well as numerous smaller lakes that act as homes to aquatic wildlife, including fish, hippos, crocodiles, and water birds.

Being that the national park is filled with thousands of attractions making the national park an excellent destination for all those who would love to carry out numerous safari activities.

One of the most exciting safari activities carried out in the national park is birding safaris, due to the fact that the national park is home to over 400 bird species which makes it impossible for one to go for birding safaris and fail to have the most excellent time of bird spotting.

Bird-watching activities in Upemba National Park are usually conducted under the guidance of well-trained safari guides who help to guide along different birding trails as sightseers get to spot the various bird species in the national.

Below is the list of birds in Upemba National Park

The national park is ranked to be home to over 400 bird species and while on birding safari activities in the national park, sightseers are most likely to spot so many different kinds of bird species, one of the major facts as to why the destination is a top best birding destination in the democratic republic of congo is because the national park is surrounded by water bodies acting as water sources for the birds and as well of the thick forest that are homes to the birds.

Some of the bird species most likely to be spotted at the national park include; Kestrel, barbets, Angola Lark, Cisticola, Souza shrike, honeyguide greenbelt, leaf-love, Warblers, Nicator, Miombo rock thrush, flycatchers, sparrow weaver, paradise, seed eater, fire finch, Red-necked Spurfowl, Common Quail, Helmeted Guinea fowl, African Fish-Eagle, Grey Crowned-Crane, Wattle crane, Chestnut owlet, bee-eater, Racket-tailed roller, shoebill, Dickinson’s and so many more.

Birding Safaris In Upemba National Park 2024-2025: Other activities

Other safari activities can be added on top of birding adventures in Upemba National Park and these surely make the national park an interesting destination for all those who seek an exceptional nature view in the democratic republic of Congo.


The national park is home to various water bodies such as Lake Upemba, Lake Kisale, and River Luabala, these lakes are freshwater lakes and that ranks them as the best fishing spot. Hence while sightseers are in the national park they can also get to engage in fishing activities in the national, this makes a great contribution to more fun while birding into the national park.

Wildlife viewing

Getting to engage in wildlife viewing safari activities while at Upemba is just yet one of the most thrilling safari activities that thousands of sightseers surely would love to get involved in because they get to view animals such cheetahs, zebras, buffaloes, lions, leopards, elephants and the Katanga Impala as well as different kind of birds and the beautiful vegetation cover.

Birding Safaris In Upemba National Park 2024-2025

Cultural tours

While at Upemba National Park sightseers have the chance to engage in cultural tours which are usually conducted at the local communities where sightseers get to sight and learn more about the local culture of the local people around the national park, this activity turns out to be extremely exciting and makes the birding safari a more interesting activity.

Best time to visit Upemba National Park for birding safaris

Birding safaris at Upemba National Park can be carried out all year through, however, sightseers should carry out the safari activity during the dry seasons of the month which include the months of June to September, and because during the dry season, vegetation is less dense, making it easier to spot birds and observe their behaviors and also the migratory bird species from Europe and northern Africa may be present in the park during this time.

Where to stay while on a birding safari in the park

Most of the time sightseers are overly worried about where to rest after the safari activities and others where to start their safari adventures from and this is we assure you that while at Upemba National Park there are various safari accommodations that sightseers can have rest from all ranging from budget, mid-range and luxury budget depending on one’s need and some of these include; Hotel la source Lubumbashi, Riverside hotel, Hotel Lubumbashi, Alliance Guesthouse Williams as well as campsites.

For more information about birding safaris in Upemba National Park sightseers can get in contact with our trusted safari guides who will help in booking and planning for the entire safari adventure and even other safari activities in the Democratic Republic of Congo; focus on east Africa.