Bigodi Swamp Walk – Guided Nature Work Uganda Safaris

Bigodi Swamp Walk : Bigodi swamp walk is an exceptional experience done with an excellent Uganda safari guide who knowns the right information about the nature such as plants, animals, birds, mammals, fish, reptiles and invertebrates among others. This Bigodi swamp walk can take 2 to 3 hours depending on the activities done with the park thus making the trip quite memorable one.

The place has a greatly colonizing papyrus type of vegetation with tropical moist type of forest   thus making it a rich home for primate’s diet. However, Bigodi swamp is located inside Kibale Forest national park a home with huge population of primate species both diurnal and nocturnal species and such primate’s species are Chimpanzees, Red tailed monkeys, grey cheeked monkey, Red colobus, Olive Baboon, L’s hoest monkeys, Vervet monkey, Blue monkey, black and white monkeys, colobus monkeys among others.

Bigodi swamp is one of the best places for bird watching where you can encounter different variety of bird species along walking safari here, such bird species include; Great turaco, Abyssinia, crowned eagle, cuckoos, green breasted pitta, papyrus gonolek, flycatchers, hornbills, purple breasted sunbird, ground thrush, weavers, cuckoos. The swamp walk runs through the Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary for about 5 kilometers away from the Park’s entrance ‘’Kibale National Park

Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary
Bigodi Swamp Walk

Furthermore, the walk is part of a community tourism initiative that has impacted a lot of people in Bigodi Trading Center. It is one of the best examples in the world of your wallet, to support a gorgeous substance development projects. Still one of the most outreach wildlife tours in East Africa for backpackers on a Uganda budget safari.

The walk is not such difficult that it may require you to be with good shape and its reasonably accessible for all ages with no worry. The only thing you may consider is have traverse a few rickety boardwalks also including one that’s more than half a kilometers long.

Along your bigodi walking safari, there is possibility of seeing other species of antelopes and small forest wildlife, plant life viewing is rewarding as well.

Getting to Bigodi Swamp/Nature walk

Bigodi swamp can be accessed from Kampala passing through via fort portal to reach the main destination, within 5 to 6 hours from Kampala and a full day of travel from Mbarara to Lake Bunyonyi and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. You can use a safari vehicle ‘’4 wheels or use private cars like bus company to get there or matatus to reach the above destination.

Bigodi is quite a unique walk over that sits right at the junction of central African rainforests and the East African Rift Valley.

Bigodi community walk, travelers also get an opportunity to walk around the community visit the bigodi women group that consists of about 40 individuals who work hand in hand to sure their goals and as aim as a group fulfillment, the bigodi women group member are the experts in the weaving of baskets, mats and all kinds of craft materials. Your free to buy some of the crafts for your future remembrances.

Along your visit to Bigodi swamp you can opt to visit the bigodi secondary school, which was constructed to sustain the local people in the community by the KAFRED together with support from Kibale Forest national park. Moreover, the project which were formed in bigodi were to prevent the local people from involving in poaching after knowing the benefit of the protected areas the natural resources in their area.

Bigodi Swamp is quite a welcoming  beautiful nature of the Kibale Forest national park  ,you shouldn’t miss on your Uganda primates safari to Kibale .Apart from being an ecological hub for tourism firms ,the place is good  to learn about the African rural life through the live hood of the people in the community around .On your trip to Kibale national park don’t forget to add it on your Chimpanzee tracking safari through reminding your tour agent in charge of your travel to Uganda Primates tour.