Big five safari in Tanzania : Tanzania is yet another ideal destination for a safari experience in the precious East Africa as you get to explore the most hidden points in Uganda.

Safaris in Tanzania can be carried out in destinations for the country is highly blessed with various safari destinations and all excellent for thrilling safari explorations.

One of the mostly carried out safari activity in Tanzania is the big five safari adventure and this can be done in some of Tanzania’s famous national parks which are  Serengeti national park, Nyerere national park, Ruaha national park and also around the Ngorongoro conservation area.

The big five safari adventure in Tanzania is extremely exciting as one gets to sight the most precious and highly sought for wildlife in the republic of Tanzania.

the big 5 are likely to be sighted during a safari in Tanzania and this can be guided by experienced safari guides who will guide you to the famous destinations in Tanzania as you get to experience your big five adventure.

Big 5 safaris in Tanzania are best done in the dry season of the year from June to October and also in December to February despite of the fact that the safari can still be done all year through.

Big 5 safaris in Tanzania can mostly be enjoyed through game drives through the famous destinations as earlier mentioned and these game drives can either be morning, afternoon and night game drives according to ones choice of safari experience.

Other times the big fives can be spotted during the nature walks, hot air balloon safaris, cultural tours, hiking, canoeing through the Tanzania national parks.

With the great help of Achieve global safaris one has the chance to experience this great safari activity in the republic of Tanzania as they get to explore the beauty and greatness of Tanzania’s sceneries.

In this article Achieve global safaris brings to you a list of the big fives that you are most likely to experience while on your big five safari in the republic of Tanzania.

Big fives in Tanzania

Spotting the big fives in Tanzania is one of the most exciting adventures to experience while on a safari in the republic of Tanzania get to experience and sight some of the great migrations of the big fives of Tanzania as to be listed below.

Buffalos: among the big 5 buffalos are the easiest to spot for they are always grazing freely on the grass in the national parks and as you experience safari drives you are most likely to stop these amazing fauna.

Elephants: known to be largest mammals on the ground elephants are yet one of the most common sighted big fives to spot while on a big five safari in the republic of Tanzania, these move in herds so you are likely not to spot only one but many.

Big five safari in Tanzania

Leopards: Leopards are stealthy in nature and these are also predators well known to have the ability of camouflage according to surroundings they are in this implies that while on a big five safari one has to be kin about these great terrifying species.

Lions: these are best known as the king of jungles and they are lovely to sight while on a the big five safaris in the republic of Tanzania just like the leopards these are predators as well with great hunting skills and full of pride and have loud roars they also move and live in groups.

Rhinos: Another exhilarating member of the big 5 to grasp during a safari in Tanzania is the rhinos these are mostly seen around destinations of Ngorongoro conservation area these are great to sight while on your big five safari in Tanzania.

Conclusively the thrill of sighting the big fives in their natural homes is one that cannot be got elsewhere and with the help of achieve global safaris one is able to experience all these magical creatures as they live their natural life.

But the big five can also go beyond just the big five and also get the chance to explore other wildlife in Tanzania such as impalas, kudu, gazelles, water bucks, wildebeests, zebras, cheetahs, hyenas, warthogs, giraffes, warthogs, gazelles, dik dik, reedbucks and many others.