Best Tourist Destinations in Kenya : Kenya is one on the best safari destinations in East Africa. Check out unforgettable safari experiences in Kenya Safari destinations such as Mount Kenya , Tsavo National Park , Maasai mara national reserve , Amboseli national park , lake nakuru


Mount Kenya at its 5,199 meters and 17,057 feet is the second highest mountain in Africa based in Kenya. Mount Kenya is a popular destination for hikers and mountaineers, it offers several trekking routes that leads to the summit that takes like 3 to 7 days from anywhere and this mountain is recognized as A UNESCO World heritage site since 1899.its one of the most visited destination in Kenya and Attracts a good number of tourists through the year. It doesn’t only offer great experience to hikers who reach the top but also does who doesn’t are able to enjoy the Mountain Scenic beauty, alpine lakes and diverse wildlife around the Mountain. This Mountain hold a significant role and an amazing history domestically and international, having school and Universities around East Africa named after this epic mountain. it’s considered the best destination to visit when in Kenya for tourist but mainly Hikers who wants to explore the beauty of this mountain and discover the beauty of it.


Tsavo national park is the largest Kenya’s national park that is split into two sections which are Tsavo East and Tsavo west the park is renowned for its high population of elephants and for having the big five wildlife including Lions, leopards and rhinos. Its unique landscapes that includes yatta plateau, the world longest lava flow and the Mzima springs ,a bunch of natural pools covered by undergrounded springs all these and much more in this Park offers an unmatched experience for those who visit Kenya. If your planning to step you feet in Kenya ,Tsavo National park is a must go to destination that you  shouldn’t go without exploring it and have an opportunity to spot the all magnificent wildlife within this park.


Maasai Mara National Reserve is one of the most common reserve in Kenya and one of the best places in African continent to Spot the Big Fives, includes leopards, buffalos, lions, elephants and lions, the park is commonly known for its amazing annual great migration this is when the wildebeest, zebras, and other much more grazing animals migrate from Serengeti in Tanzania to the Maasai Mara game reserve. The reserve is not only a home to these magnificent wildlife animals but also offers opportunity to Visitors to Embark on Game drives, Hot air balloon safaris and Maasai village cultural tours as they are on their stay.


Amboseli National Park is one of famous park in Kenya commonly renowned for its herd of Elephants and majestic and amazing views of the scenic Mountain Kilimanjaro the highest mountain standing and existing ,the park offers visitors different activities like game drives, animal trekking, nature walks, hiking and other much more .the park is one of the most visited national park in this country due to its diverse wildlife and scenic views hence it being one of a must visit destination in Kenya.


Lake Nakuru National park is a diverse national park in Kenya that homes hundreds of birds and is known as a paradise of Bird watchers and renowned for its most amazing and beautiful and eye-catching pink flamingos at the side of Nakuru lake, it’s not only a home to bird species but also to different primates including buffalos, leopards, elephants and other much more. At Nakuru National Park is a destination to go if you are planning to visit Kenya for it offers un matched and beautiful experience of Africa’s nature and wildlife as you create the story to tell to your next generation and beautiful and unforgettable memories are created in this National Park.

3 Days Lake Nakuru Wildlife Safari
3 Days Lake Nakuru Wildlife Safari


Lamu Old Town lies at an island called Lamu and its just 350km north of Mombasa, a UNESCO World heritage site that is renowned an old town of Swahili settlement in East Africa dating back in 12th century.  Visitors can walk the narrow alley, visit ancient mosques and experience the region’s traditional cultures and architecture that has been their and unchanged for centuries.

These are just a few of tourist incredibly attraction in Kenya among others that make this country a popular destination for visitors and travelers from experience of wildlife, rich biodiversity, trekkings, mountain climbing and hiking not forgetting the historical experience that this country offers to the tourists and visitors to this country.