Beauty of Lake Kyoga : The pearl of Africa is the best kind of destination to venture in while on a wild safari and for that case lots of people choose to have an adventure in it so as to experience the beauty that is within it.

Uganda is a home to several kinds of attractions which make it an ideal place for vacations and that is why it’s most loved and highly visited by various individual in order to experience the beauty that is most sacred in it.

The physical features in Uganda are excellent for adventures and they all provide one with the fascinating idea of adventure in the country and hence the best for safari experiences.

With physical features such as lakes, rivers, mountains, valleys, forests, and several other wildlife all combine together to make Uganda an electrifying destination to visit.

And in this article Achieve global safari brings to you one of the most famous lakes in Uganda mostly loved and highly visited by different kinds of sightseers due to the beauty around it.

Lake Kyoga’s serene waters are picture-perfect for adventurers for all sightseers who want to avoid crowed areas and have moments of peace with nature alone and most likely with their loved ones.

Located in central Uganda north of Lake Victoria, Lake kyoga is one of the famously visited destinations in Uganda with thrilling and electrifying sceneries to experience.

Lake kyoga is a Uganda Safari destination can be visited with an addition of other kinds adventure around in order to have the best moments will exploring it.

Lake Kyoga is certainly worth a visit for travelers who have more time to spend in Uganda in order to have the great chances to experience the electrifying safari activities that are carried out along the breath taking waters.

Beauty of Lake Kyoga

Lake Kyoga has many arms geographically it is an arm like figured water body with a surface area of around 1,720km² maximally deep to 5.7m with thousands of attractions around it.

When it comes to attractions around and in lake kyoga waters the lake is truly blessed with a lot that one would just have to sight for their own in order to enjoy the vacation at the water body.

Lake Kyoga is recorded to have over 46 fish species and hence the area is good for sport fishing activities hence for sightseers who are interested in the activity have the chances to carry it out.

Besides being home to the fish spices, Lake Kyoga is also home to the Nile crocodile which move freely along the shores of the waters and not for getting the diversity of bird spices in the forests along kyoga waters.

In order to enjoy all these benefits its best time to visit lake kyoga most especially in dry seasons from the month of June to September and between Decembers to February despite of the fact that it can still be visited all-round the year but for great experiences the dry season is recommended.

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