Bahai Temple –Uganda City Tour

Bahai temple –Mother temple of Africa also known as the Mashriqu’l- Adhkar ,one of the nine temples around the world .Bahai faith is located at the top of kikaaya hill about three kilometers away from Kampala city of Uganda .Its architectural designs with the unique nature of the religion which open its doors to thousands of visitors to all man kinds believers and non-believers  alike .Uganda -Bahai Temple was named has the Mother Temple of Africa one among nine temple around the world and others being found in Germany ,Panama ,Samoa ,India ,Chile ,the USA ,Austria and Cambodia.

Bahai temples around the world were designed in a unique away like that of traditional, spiritual and artistic values. The only Africa’s temple is modelled on a traditional African hut, its dome was designed in shape that symbolizes the divine circle, a reflection of heaven on earth and spiritually of sacred border.

This temple stands at nearly 38 meters tall and at the time declared as the tallest building in East Africa. It has a circular covered porch on the lowest level that protects it from the seasonal strong winds and heavy rains. The outer side is covered in green and white mosaic tiles whereas on the inside dome is painted blue. It was designed with a seating capacity of 400.

The place is quite where you can visit and feel a sense of peace and tranquility, allowing you to forget everything as you relax on its beautiful environment. A place worth a visit.

On your visits here, you will have time with trained guide who knows the history about the Bahai faith, who is able to explain to you there daily minimum of mandatory prayers as it is written in their holy book of prayers, which was written by the Bahai founder ‘’Baha’u’llah ‘’ in 1873 and it contains the laws by which Baha’is must a bide. He will continue to explain more about the Baha’is do not just visit in the weekly days, are set by holy law. The most convenient time is set by the Baha’’i community. The followers of Bahai faith usually visits the temple on Sundays. There is no strict dressing code either to believers or non-believers, visiting the temple it doesn’t matter on how to dress up.

Along visitor’s visit, you will meet with well-trained guide who will explain to you what really Bahai faith is, all you need to decide which day is the most convenient for you. The temple fills the capacity of its followers on special days of the ‘’Twin Holy Birthdays’’ two consecutive days commemorating the birth of Baha’u’llah and Ba’b, which is the most important thing in Baha’i faith. There day of celebration is either October or November, that last over 11 days. However, the temple receiver a little over 100 worshippers.

According to their baptism, they baptize children below 15 years of age, declared by their faith and are issued with declaration cards. The same goes for new converts and to those who can’t make it to the Mother Temple in Uganda-Kampala, you can visit other Bahai centers that are distributed throughout the country.

Bahai Temple –Uganda City Tour
Bahai Temple –Uganda City Tour

Bahai temple is the one way to go when you need to be alone and get closest to green nature as well to achieve the inner calmness with the creator. The beautiful nature around creates a breathtaking air, a place worth a visit.

Since the building was set in beautiful grounds, it makes Kampala capital one of the landmark to the tourists. It also a great location for photo shoots. On visit to Kampala never level this place unreachable.

Bahai temple is a good place to meditate on, according to its faith and a cool place to rewind while in Kampala thus making up an ideal place of worship on Uganda- Kampala City Tour.

The Africa’s only Bahai Temple is open to followers of the faith and rewarding to visitors, due to its beautiful surrounding areas with tranquil grounds that offers a gain view of notable indigenous birdlife.

Above all, is the only temple in Africa that provides a great experience in life time according to its well-kept ground in an open space and easily accessible by travelers.

Lastly, we welcome travelers to visit the only Mother Temple of Africa here in Uganda where you get to learn about the Bahai faith teaching the true values of humanity and turn to be follower of Baha’u’llah which means ‘’the glory of God.