Attractions in Amboseli National Park : Amboseli National Park known as the second visited Kenya destination, with world’s range of herd elephants and other diversity of wildlife species and a great location with spectacular view of the African tallest mountain ‘’Mountain Kilimanjaro’’ and its endless plains of open savannah. However, the park sits in southern Kenya covering an area of about 365 kilometers southeast of Nairobi easy to be accessed by road or air transport.

 In general, Amboseli National Park lies on land approximately 39,206 hectares at the heart of an 8,000 square kilometer ecosystem that enlarge across the Kenya –Tanzania border. In other words, the word Amboseli got from Maasai word meaning ‘’Salty dust’ ’in relation to the terrain in the park.

More then, Amboseli National Park is a popular safari destination with its high concentration of free African wild elephants said to inhabits more than 1000 African elephants and in such way that it has become a great stopping area for world research about elephants since it’s one of the places in the entire world to hosts large number of elephants which can be encountered in their peaceful natural environment and gainful view of the ice capped mountain.

Attractions in Amboseli National Park
Observation hill in amboseli

Still Amboseli offers a splendid location of getting rewarded with majestically Mount Kilimanjaro renown as the highest free standing mountain in the world.

Despite the fact, Amboseli is small in size approximately about 392 square kilometers that inhabits diversity of wildlife species compared to other Kenya National Park. The park’s land is comprised of wetlands, savannah and woodland that supports range of wildlife species, bird species and vegetation. The park’s dry season rewards with perfect viewing of the high concentrations of wildlife species in their inhabitant such as; leopards, hyenas, giraffes, wildebeest, zebras, antelopes, monkey’s species, peacocks, Ostriches among many, Attractions in Amboseli National Park.

Below is the top tourist’s attraction to explore in Amboseli National Park

Observation Hill

 This is a famous location within the park known as a pyramid shaped hill that stuns at its summit with rewarding view to visitors who visits the park. When you opt to have a great aerial view of park’s endless plains   with its vast of game point. An ideal point to view swamps, scenic landscape and large herds of elephants with the park. For great view remember to carry pair of binocular in order to allow you to view wildlife species at   a closer view while quenching for thirsty. Just know the hills attracts millions of tourists both local and foreigners due to its rewarding scenic nature.

Sinet delta

This is one of the tourist attraction that lies few meters away from observation hill in the North side of the park. It’s location boosts as a paradise of birding experience with in Amboseli National Park. Meaning, it’s a great stopping point for birding in the park. The area around is bushy which is dominated by Acacia tree species thus attracts range of giraffes in this area. More so, it’s not only a birding location but also perfect viewing point for viewing this impressive Mount Kilimanjaro.

Bird Life Species

 Truly Amboseli National Park is a haven birding destination that boosts with over 450 bird species and 47 are raptor. The migratory bird species can also be seen here from the month of March to May and around November. Some of birds spotted in Amboseli National Park includes; Yellow-necked spur fowl, Long-toed lapwing, Love birds, Lesser flamingo, Eurasian thick knee, African swamp, White-bellied go way bird, Starlings, Ostriches, Crowned cranes, Pangani, Steel-blue whydah, Secretary birds, Heron, Von der decken’s hornbill, Hartaub’s bustard. Water birds –pelicans, crakes, kingfishers, hammertoes among others.

Wildlife –Animal Life

The park is ultimate stopping destination to adventure diversity of wild species especially wide range of herds of elephants that freely room around the park’s land, buffaloes, leopards, lions, giraffes, wildebeest, gazelles, topis, hyenas, dik-dik, Oribis, zebras, baboons, Serval cat, foxes, hippos, Kudu ,African wild dogs , baboons ,Caracal ,duiker ,antelopes ,duiker ,jackal ,cheetah ,waterbuck ,gerenuk ,cheetah ,fringed –eared ,aardwolf, waterbuck, gerenuk  among others.

Attractions in Amboseli National Park

Game viewing

 Amboseli National Park is one of the best game viewing location and the best done activity in the park where you expect to see lots of wildlife species. Game view in Amboseli is more rewarding in the morning hours at 6:30 am before other species they return back to their hideouts and still it can be perfect time to see them on search for food before the sun raises out.

Best time; Amboseli is best visited throughout the year most especially during dry seasons which happens from June to September and December and February.

Lake Amboseli

However, Lake Amboseli has been existing for decades and its where the park go its name. Meanwhile, the lake is very supportive to the park’s wildlife species as their water source and a cooling place for sunbathing especially elephants and also habitat for notable bird species, Attractions in Amboseli National Park.

 Elephants Research Camp

 The park is one of the outstanding world’s elephant research project under great works of Doctor Cynthia Moss who took her time to write about Amboseli Elephants and Elephants Memories which are now the most liked books and they have impacted a lot on Kenya’s Tourism Destination worldwide.

The park can be accessed through different several gates   including; Kelunyeit, IImeshanan gate, Iremito gate, Kitrua and Airstrip.

On visit there are professional researchers who will help you in explanation of their good work and other related issues concerning about elephants conservation.

Amboseli’s Vegetation

Although Amboseli has got poor vegetation that attributes to its dryness on the leeward side of Mount Kilimanjaro and saline soil which doesn’t support the vegetation growth, still remains a stunning safari destination due to its largest population of herds of elephants in Kenya and worldwide.

Bush dining breakfast and Dinner

 Bush breakfast and dinner also acts as one of the unique tourist attractions to tourists, this activity can be arranged to many lodges in the park and it’s one of the greatest way to enjoy the scenic beauty of landscape with gainful of wildlife species in an open space. Truly a great experience to have once in African wilderness of Kenya’s highlight safari destination ‘’ Amboseli’’.

Maasai Culture

 Visiting the Maasai culture is also one of the unique tourist attractions you will ever experience in life time. How impressive is, you vising the few remaining unique communities in the world that escaped the life of western culture and decided to remain in a true traditional way of life. We recommend you, on your visit to the park never leave the park without visiting the Maasai culture where you will experience unforgettable life style of the Maasai people.

Attractions in Amboseli National Park
Maasai People

Getting to Amboseli National Park

By road

 From Nairobi to Meshanani Gate takes 2:30hours drive, drive via Isinya and down the Magadi Road in Nairobi. You’re advised to use 4×4 wheel drive.

From Mombasa you can access the park you pass through Tsavo West National Park via Kimana gate and guest what the route is extremely rewarding with great view of country side, Attractions in Amboseli National Park.


You can fly from Wilson Airport to Amboseli Airstrip within half an hour. You can do your bookings with trust worthy tour operator.

Where to stay in Amboseli National Park

 Amboseli a famous safari location boost with excellent comfortable accommodation facilities lodges and special camps that ranges from luxury, Mid-range and Budget, Attractions in Amboseli National Park.

 They include; Amboseli Serena lodge, Amboseli Sopa Lodge and Tortilis Camp, Kimana Lodge, Oltuka Lodge. Camps include; Kimbla Campsite, Leopard Tented camp, Abercrombie, Kent Tented Camp, Olgulului Public Campsite and Cottar’s Tented Camp.

Get started planning a visit to one of the top visited Kenya Safari Destinations, renown worldwide with the largest population of elephants ‘’Amboseli National Park.