The Aswa – Lolim Game Reserve is one of the un-common wildlife reserves in Uganda. Aswa – Lolim was a game reserve in northern Uganda but unfortunately It was de-gazetted in 1972 which is part of the reasons why very few people recognize it today with majority ignorant about it’s existence in the Uganda tourism sector.

Aswa - Lolim Game Reserve

Aswa – Lolim Game Reserve is situated in the far north of Murchison Falls National Park (Kabalega National Park) and it’s aim was to provide a strict dispersal and free migration area for several wildlife from Murchison Falls National Park which include the elephants, the giraffes, the Kobs plus more wildlife.

It falls Between the great Albert Nile and Gulu town, North of Uganda right on the west bank of the Albert Nile sitting on high rolling hills stripped by a number of rivers which include the “Aswa” and “Lolim”; the two names that define Aswa – Lolim Game Reserve.

However, In 2010 the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) gave privileges to an extinct group known as the Aswa – Lolim Wildlife Association with aims of managing the relevant wildlife migration routes in the area of the game reserve. Currently, Aswa – Lolim is an array of large ranches and farms, but the wildlife that reside in it are still being protected by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).