Amazing Things to Do in Toro : Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve is a protected conservation area that started as a game reserve in 1926 and was among the first protected area to be gazetted. The reserve sits on an area of about 542 square kilometers, located in western Uganda within Ntoroko and Kabarole districts and it is under the protection of ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority a body in responsible for Uganda’s National Parks and Wildlife Reserves.

Amazing things to do Toro- Semliki National Reserve is as follows

Primates walks

This activity is amazing done on foot can take 3 to 4 hours experiencing in the beautiful scenery lead by experienced ranger guides. Along your primitive experience you will be able to view species such as Chimpanzees, Red-tailed vervet, Black and white colobus monkeys, Baboons. There other chances of encountering waterbucks, warthogs, Bushbucks, Buffaloes, Elephants and Buffaloes among others.

Game viewing

In Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve game viewing can be done in three tracks across the savannah grassland and acacia woodland   where you expect to explore wildlife species like Buffaloes, Waterbucks, Uganda kob, Warthog and if you luck you can see leopards and elusive Bush babies. Game drive here can be done in three mornings, afternoon and at night where you can be able to watch nocturnal species like the white tailed mongoose.

Amazing Things to Do in Toro

Guided Nature walk

Guided Nature walk is quite memorable as you can be able to explore scenic habitats ranging from savannah woodland to riverine forest. This activity is done on foot and can take 3 hours adventuring the nature and in so doing you will be able to watch; Ground Hornbills, Warthogs, Uganda Kobs, Baboons, Black and white Colobus and Vervet Monkeys, Amazing Things to Do in Toro

Community Tour

The reserve is surrounded with four outstanding local community and bests are the Karugutu Community Conservation Association ‘’KCCA ‘’ a community based associated whose objective is conservation education through Music Dance and Drama ‘’MDD’’ .This is  an organized  traditional dances association for the visitors that amazes tourists who visits the place  .You  can tour hand craft shop that sits right at the entrance of the reserve where you buy souvenir things to take back home to your beloved ones.

Boat Ride

This is an exciting activity carried out on the Lake Albert while on your ride you can ride near unique water attractions like Shoebills, African Pygmy Goose, Blue-breasted and Blue-cheeked Bee-eaters and Blue-headed Coucal among others.

Hike to Nyaburogo Gorge

This is a suitable activity done by bird lovers in the reserve it starts from Reserve Headquarters, taking a 7kilomters hike through several habitats including savanna, woodland and a forest in the gorge. Along your hike, you will be able to sight bird species ‘’440 bird species in Toro- Semliki’’ such species include; Black-headed Bushrike, Arrow marked Babbler, Tropical Boubal, Luhdrers Bushrike and while on hike you can be able to spot primates like Black and white Colobus, Baboons, Vervet and occasionally the Chimpanzees.

Wildlife Habitat

Toro –Semliki plain consists of grassy savanna and acacia woodland echoing Murchison Falls National Park at the northern end of Lake Albert. It’s inhabits stands of Borassus palms, lakeshore marshland and broad river valley filled with fantastic galley forest where you can spot variety of species. Visit the Lake Albert that sits outside the reserve but can be visited for canoeing and bird watching.

Wildlife viewing in Toro –Semliki Wildlife Reserve

However, Toro- Semliki inhabits the same highlight species in Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls National Parks such as; Elephants, Warthogs, Giant Forest hog, Uganda Kob, Buffalo, Hippopotamus among others. Primates species includes; Baboons, Chimpanzees, Monkeys like; Vervet, Red-tailed and Black and White Colobus.  It also harbors over 200 Elephants population includes savannah and forest Elephants and a hybrid form from inter-breeding.  The Riverine forest at Mugiri sounds as researching area where the University of Indiana have been studying about chimpanzees.

Amazing Things to Do in Toro
Chimpanzee Trekking Safaris

Accommodation in Toro-Semuliki Wildlife Reserve

Semliki Safari Lodge

This is a spacious lodge most used by the visitors, it consists only 8 tents and they provide tranquil and secluded experience for visitors. The lodge is furnished with hardwood floors, double beds, en-suite bathroom with showers and flushing toilets, private verandas and protective thatched roofs provide visitors with the luxury life style, Amazing Things to Do in Toro

The central lodge area is filled with chunky dining tables, toasty fire, perfect for getting comfortable and swapping stories at the end of the day.

Best time to visit Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve

 The best time to adventure all these marvelous activity is from December to February and June to July these are dry seasons that offers excelling birding and thrilling game viewing experience.

Lastly, on visit to Toro- Semliki Wildlife Reserve  you can combine a visit to here with a visit to Queen Elizabeth national park a home to tree climbing lions and other range of wildlife species ‘’95 mammals ,450 bird species as well as primates like chimpanzees and colobus monkeys among others.