Amazing Things to Do in Sipi Falls/Uganda Waterfall Safari

Amazing Things to Do in Sipi Falls/Uganda Waterfall Safari : Uganda is a beautiful country and one of the things that rewards it are the waterfalls. However, Sip Falls-Uganda lies at the foothills of Mountain Elgon and often the main starting point for hikers of the Mountain. Therefore, the upper two falls drop from 85 meters and 75 meters and the most captivating raises more than 100 meters which acts as the main tourist attraction.

Apart from these 3 powerful falls, the entire landscape is dotted with more than 300 smaller waterfalls.

The Sipi falls are positioned in Eastern –Kapchorwa districts of Uganda, estimating 280 kilometers from capital city ‘’Kampala’’. The drive takes you about 4 to5 hours to access the main destination. More so, the falls sits on the edge of Mount Elgon National Park near the Kenyan border. The word Sipi was derived from the traditional plant called Sep that used to grow along the banks of the falls and it used to work as a local medicine to treat fevers and measles many more.

Recently, the Sipi falls become the most head turner for both foreign and local travelers. What attracts more here, are the misty fog created as water drops with great strength and deep rumbling, the splendid hike to the top of the falls and the rewarding views of the coffee plantations and surrounding kapchorwa plains, not forgetting the endless memorable photography.

Travelers who are planning to visit the falls expect to do and see more gorgeous things on your safari here;


This acts as the most adventurous activity ‘’sports’’ where one can be able to engage in on your trip. And if you are adrenaline junkie’s lover, this can work out for you. It’s a sport experience where you descend down the slopes of the steep rocks with a friction device and rope. At the same called ‘’rappelling’’.

Make sure to pack a helmet and rubber converse shoes for this exercise. They are located at the Chebonet falls which is elevated at 1272 meters above sea level. Chebonet falls is found nearby one of the three Sipi falls, the area is amazing.

Whereas, abseiling is just adjacent to Chebonet falls and below sits the bank of the falls. The morning experience is more adventurous as you encounter with mist from the fall, something that embrace you as you descend with the water to the lowest point. This is one the experience you will get excited of.


Hiking is one of the best adventurous activities carried out on most of the safari destinations, it’s done with a walking stick that supports along the hike. The hiking experience takes about 3 hours to accelerate all the three Sipi falls. You can attempt to take a full blown experience, lasting three hours in order to see them all.

The trail way to the falls can take 7 to 8 kilometers with each hike offering a different views and new discoveries. Along your experience, you will be escorted by the trained tour guide who knows the ins and out of the area and the best place with spectacular views of the valley.

Mountain Biking

You can opt to tour the place with a bike. Mountain biking experience is quite interesting and unforgettable as you get a chance to visit a rocky and hill place like the Sipi falls and this is best to biking lovers.

Amazing Things to Do in Sipi Falls/Uganda Waterfall Safari
Mountain Biking

This activity can be conducted in different stunning trails set up around the area specifically for biking around the Sipi River Lodge. Tracks may seem to be hard to climb the rocky to downhill routes. The tracks provided offers a great opportunity to bike to the lower sides of Mount Elgon with gainful views of the coffee plantations, the three Sipi falls and Sipi river as well as Kapchorwa plains. You can also have a chance to bike through the community where you will meet with the local people interacting with them.


This is best to travelers who are lover to tour around the green nature, on your visit you will get to experience the life of a coffee grower. The main grown coffee in the region is the Arabica coffee that grows at low level of elevation 1900 meters above sea level.

This region is full of people who are coffee growers and most of the lower park’s plains are clothed in coffee growing at all stages. You will be able to learn all the processing stages which starts with planting, maintaining, processing to selling.

You will also take a walk through the coffee plantation where you will experience on how to pick coffee berries, shelling them, grinding them in a locally mortar and pestle, roasting them on fire and a taste of a fresh cup of coffee for all work done by you/Elgon coffee.

Bird watching

The place is home to over 300 bird species including Afrotropical highland biome species mostly the Moorland francolin, Alpine chat and Mustached Green Tinker bird. Expect to see other notable birds such as Black-collared Apalis and Jackson’s Francolin they cannot be found elsewhere except in Mount Elgon regions also species like Black-shouldered kite, Tacazee sunbird as well as endangered Lammergeyer. It’s quite a place rewardable with unique birds.

Visit Mount Elgon National Park

A visit to the park is absolutely remarkable as you get a chance to see the park’s wildlife species such as Bush pigs, Leopards, forest hogs, elephants, buffaloes, Defassa waterbucks, spotted hyenas, primates like; black and white colobus, Vervet monkeys, Red tailed monkeys, baboon many more. Visit to the park, you will be guided by a professional guide to help you easily locate best viewing point in the park for wild animals. Mount Elgon national park is only 34 kilometers from Sipi Falls, Sipi falls has made the park to known or visited. Because the park is among the least visited protected areas meaning that you will get great authentic experience of nature on visits.

Community Visits

Along your safari, you will take a visit to people in the community called Bagisu and are one of the immensely Uganda cultural tribes, who still practice some of their old traditional such as the infamous Imbalu Circumcision of all male members of the community who have grown in age.

You can decide to visit this colorful event of song and dance, if you visit in the months of August and December. Even though pictures are not allowed but the opportunity you get you will learn about this unique Gisu from their wonderful dressing, try local food, social dynamics as well as being part of the community, will definitely give you a memory story to tell the rest.

What to pack for Safari to Sipi?

The packing list to carry on Safari to Sipi Falls include; enough mineral water bottle, photography equipment, light poncho, rain jacket, Sunglasses, wide-brimmed hat, hiking shoes depending what activity you’re to do.