A Visit To Meru National Park : Meru national park is well renowned wildlife conservation area and a popular tourist destination, which is located in the Eastern of Kenya and it, is situated in a distance of about 350 kilometers from Nairobi, which is famously known to be the capital city of the country. Meru national national park was established in 1966 covering a total surface area of about 870.4 square kilometers and it is under the management of Kenya wildlife services who have a major role of protecting and conserving all the national parks in the country. Visiting in Meru national park offers a wide range of attractions for tourists to see and many activities that visitors can enjoy as they make remarkable memories such as; from the stunning landscapes to diverse wildlife, outdoor adventures and cultural experiences. Therefore, in this guide below, we will explore more about the key tourist attractions and activities to do while in Meru National park and some of these include;
Wildlife Viewing.

Meru national park has a rich biodiversity which makes it to be considered as a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and for tourists exploring through different areas of this national park will have chances to be able to spot a wide variety of animal species including the big five which are considered to be among the top attractions and these include; lions, African elephants, buffalos, leopards, Rhinoceros. However, there are more notable species that individuals may also encounter with while touring around the park and some of these animals include; giraffes, zebras, cheetahs, hyenas, eastern black rhinoceros, southern white rhinoceros, grevy’s zebra among others.

More so, this national park is also seen as a birders paradise due to the fact that it hosts around 400 bird species and it is being dominated and surrounded with riverine forests, open savannah grasslands, acacia woodlands which all act as good natural habitats for the birds. And some of these birds that tourists can sight see include; Ring necked dove, marabou stork, somali ostrich, saddle-billed stork, yellow necked spur fowl, laughing dove, secretary dove, crested guinea fowl, African jacana, Kori bustard, white browed coucal, black winged stilt, common ostrich, vulturine guinea fowl, taita fiscal, pel’s fishing owl, golden breasted starling, black headed lapwing, common quali and many others.

Rhino Sanctuary.
The Rhino sanctuary is one of the parks unique features, which was officially established with the main aim of protecting all the endangered black and white rhinoceros populations. In addition, tourists can be guided with a park guide while they go to spot these magnificent creatures up close within their natural habitats, which happens to be an exciting and a memorable experience while on your Kenya safari within meru national park.

Game Drives.
One of the best ways to explore through Meru national park in order to capture classic views of all the attractions and wildlife within a short period of time while on a tour in the park is when individuals opt to embark onto game drive activities. In addition, the best time for game drives is during early mornings when the animals always seem more active as they come out of their hiding moving through the park while searching for water and food and in the afternoon. However. Tourists can also choose to do evening/ night game drives. More so, tourists are always accompanied with park guides who will lead them through the thrilling adventure through the park.

A Visit To Meru National Park
Meru National Park Game Drives

Guided Nature Walks.
For a more intimate experience with nature, tourists can opt go for guided nature walks which always involves individuals to explore through different areas in the park on foot which provides one to have a unique perspective on the flora and fauna. More so, these guided nature walks bless individuals with great opportunities to learn more about the smaller creatures and plants that are often missed during game drives. In addition, while on these walks, tourists are always accompanied with park guides who lead them through different trails within the park.

Cultural Encounters.
In addition to the parks natural beauty, Meru national park is known to have a rich cultural heritage therefore exploring through the park, tourists can opt to visit within the neighbouring communities where they get to interact with the local people such as; the meru and the Borana tribes hence which gives them chances to learn more their traditions, art, customs and how they live their daily lives. More so, after listening to their stories, tourists also get to learn about their regions history and many others.

And apart from the above mentioned, there are more attractions that tourists can see within Meru national park such as; Bisanadi National Reserve which is situated within the Northern part of the park, Mughwango hill which is a scenic view point within the park where tourists can capture breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes, Adamson’s falls which was named after George Adamson among others. More so, tourists can embark onto interesting activities such as; fishing, which is best done on Tana River, camping and picnicking, star gazing, photography safaris among others.

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In summary; The above article entails all one needs to know about a visit to Meru National Park