2022 Activities in Kibale National Park

2022 activities in Kibale National Park will be the hallmark of all the activities to do in your lifetime holidays, since Kibale national park is famously known as the capital of primates that houses over 1500 individuals out of Uganda’s total 5000 chimpanzees. Therefore, chimpanzees are the main spotted species in here and other types of species such as red tailed monkeys, black and white monkeys, colobus monkeys among others. Kibale has key highlights that makes one’s holiday visits so interesting and unforgettable. However, the park is located in western region of Uganda; approximately 5 to 6 hours’ drive to access the destination.

Below are quite number of activities to do in Kibale national park along your visit and the tour is worth the effort, as follows.

Chimpanzee Tracking Experience

Chimpanzee tracking is main highlight activity done in Kibale National Park and the main reason is the conservation of the area. Above all, Kibale holds the top tracking destination in Africa since it has high population of these unique primates with a total of 1500 individuals.

This gorgeous activity starts early in the morning with a briefing at the meeting center with in the park to be briefed about the dos and don’ts of Chimpanzees. If your done with briefing meet the range guide who leads you to the tracking trails within the forest in search for them, as you will be tracking, you will have other chances to observe species of birds, small monkeys, green vegetation cover, plants, tree species among others. Once you locate the chimpanzees one hour will be given to you to watch them as they enjoy their amazing life style grooming their younger ones, playing around, laying their nests on branches during evening time. After return back to the lodge or opt for another activity.

Tracking chimpanzees you need to hold a tracking permits that goes at USD200 person per day.

Chimpanzee Habituation -CHEX

Chimpanzee habituation is a full day activity where chimpanzees are first taken under supervision processes to get used to human and if the park ranges ,researchers  notices that these individuals are already for tourism .Then it will be open for tourism .Though it is somehow similar experience compared to chimpanzee tracking experience ,you will enjoy more hours with them ‘’four hours’’  as you watch them ,take photography ,video shooting thus making it one of the most sought primate safari in Uganda .The activity goes at USD250 per person per day.

2022 Activities in Kibale National Park
Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale

Guided Nature walks and Hiking

It’ all about touring the nature that makes Uganda to be called the pearl of Africa ,Kibale forest is green and much impressive where one  visits and feels the presences of its beautiful natural air as well as learn about different flora and faunas species .During  hiking experience one can get  to learn about different bird species and also different primates that call kibale their home .Guided nature walks can be done with maximum of 6 persons ,best scheduled in the morning and evening hours .The kibale guided walks  are quite interesting and rewarding .You can request to do extended walks which takes about 2 -6 days.

Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary

Bigodi wetland Sanctuary; This is a wetland which happens to be a project to the local community to preserve nature and also improve their standards of living through putting the jungle swamps out as a tourist attraction to the world. Bigodi wetland as a lot to offer during your Uganda safari Tour here such as birding, primates viewing, vegetation cover and mammal species. The wetland is visited by the tourists who visits kibale National Park on safari and the charges levied on them caters for the conservation and also improve the well-being of the locals in the communities around like schools have been built, road construction, water accessibility   improves and health centers many more.

Bird Watching

Kibale Forest best sounds as a home for endangered chimpanzees yet also a paradise for bird species with more than 200 bird species. The best time to enjoy birding is during morning hours when too much sunshine hasn’t risen out for the best sight-seeing and its advisable to carry your binoculars for clear seeing. Some of the bird species see here include; Black and white Shrike flycatcher, Superb Sunbird, Yellow-billed Barbet, White spotted Fluff tail, White tailed Anti thrush among others.

2022 Activities in Kibale National Park
Birding in Kibale

Crater Lakes Tour

Along your visit to Kibale National Park never leave without visiting the crater lakes something which will make your tour to kibale incomplete, because crater lakes is one of the highlight activities to do in the park unlike chimpanzee tracking and habituation ,you would love to add on your itinerary on Uganda Safari .You will also have chances to tour Fort portal town a beautiful town on foot ,also hiking  to different volcanoes steep slopes which in the end turn out tiresome but interesting and humbling .You will also be able to see different crater lakes with great bird viewing around. If you tend to climb on the top, you will notice other forest features like Mountain Rwenzori ranges and beautiful landscape.

Tour to the Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru;

This is one the best tour done in the western Uganda region, we advise our clients on their visit to Kibale national park. This could be part of your itinerary touring the Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru ‘’rocks’’ which are located in the cave just few kilometers away from Nyakasura school in Fort portal –Kabarole District. Someone to reach these rock, you need to pass through amazing waterfalls so rewarding and welcoming .The Amabera Ga Nyina Mwiru are natural features  that result of the formation of stalagmites and stalactites ,though the Batoro tribe  have strong history behind it. They have a belief that these are breasts of a young girl  called Nyina Mwiru  who were cut off  her breasts by her father  for the King  refusing to marry a spouse he had chosen for her .Travelers on safari here ,flock  around this rock to learn more about these features and also contribute greatly to the tourism industry  and the local community around.