Sibiloi National Park is located in the Northeastern region of Lake Turkana famously known as the largest desert in the world covering a total surface area of about 1570 square kilometers established as a national park in 1973 and it was named after Mount Sibiloi, which stands at elevated area of about 1700 meters above the sea level, and it is managed by the UNESCO Heritage site.

Sibiloi National Park is famously known to be home to an elephant fossil, it is also seen as magnificent archeological findings, and it is a 1.6million-year-old fossil of an extinct tortoise and also surrounded by many plant species, beautiful flora and fauna, omophoria woodlands, sandstone out crooks, sand rivers and Europhobia grasslands, dry savannah grasslands, riverine forest, stunning lakes, volcanic terrain among others.

Sibiloi National Park is seen as the best destination for one to travel to and get to explore the real wild offering sightseers a great safari experience as visitors get to be engaged in numerous safari activities and including;

Activities done in Sibiloi National Park.

Sibiloi National Park, is known to be one of the best safari destinations for a great safari experience in the country these include;

Game drives.

Sightseers also have the chance to carry out game drive activities, allowing them chances to sightsee many wildlife species such as; leopards, lions, gazelles, oryx’s, greater kudus, jackals, titian crocodiles and others.

Sibiloi National Park
Wildlife in Sibiloi National Park

Bird watching.

The national park is known as known to be a birder’s paradise because it hosts over 350 bird species characterized by different types such as; migratory, residential, aquatic and terrestrial among others. Sightseers get to view birds such as; Huggin’s bustard, African skimmer, pelicans, crested lark, flamingos, ducks, Somali bee-eater, Heuglin’s bustard, Somali ostrich, chestnut-bellied sand grouse and fox kestrel among others.

Cultural Experience.

visitors can get to also move around the national park and they get to understand the different cultures around the national park such as; Dassanach, Jabra, and the nomadic turkanaal having the chance to know more about how they dress, feed, and speak their local languages many others.

Visiting the Koobi for a museum.

The museum is just one of the other safari destinations found in the national park famously known as the Australopithecus and homo fossils, and it has a lot more to say about the evolution of humankind than any other site in the continent.  Sightseers get to know more about the discovery of the fossils is taken as evidence that humans and the ore humans were present two years ago.

there are so many other things that tourists could do including visiting Lake Turkana Island which is endowed with giant Nile crocodiles and is known to have the highest crocodile concentration in the whole world. More so, they can go for guided nature walks where they are always accompanied by park guides, visit Lake Turkana and many others.

Accommodation in Sibiloi National Park.

While at the national park, sightseers have a variety of accommodation choices to have a rest from as they get to enjoy the beauty of the national and these range from budget, mid-range to luxury giving sightseers chances to choose the best for themselves as of their budget some of these include; Oasislodge, Lobolo tented camp, and other lodges near the park such asl Allia Bay guesthouse and many others.

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