Lake Nakuru is located in Kenya’s famous rift Valley. Lake Nakuru is one of the world’s renowned and famous soda lakes. However, the beauty about this lake is not only the presence of the soda but it hosts beautiful bird species which makes it one of the ideal Kenya Birding safari destinations. Lake Nakuru is approximately 160km from Nairobi the capital city of Kenya and is the home of Lake Nakuru Nakuru national park which is filled with diverse animal and plant life. Lake Nakuru National Park covers a ground area of about 188 square Kilometers and was established in 1961 and its name Nakuru originates from a Masai word that means “dust “This beautiful national park is found in Nakuru town. Lake Nakuru is surrounded by beautiful sceneries of the shimmering waters, lush vegetation, mountains, hills and valleys not forgetting the beautiful features of the Lake.

While at the lake, one can visit Lake Nakuru National Park which is greatly celebrated for its rich biodiversity. Lake Nakuru national park is a home to variety of animal and bird species, which makes is a paradise for bird lovers. It has over 450 bird species and is a UNESCO accredited world heritage site. Some of the bird species at the park include; Flamingos, Pelicans, Cormorants, Eagles, Herons, ostriches, to mention but a few.

Tourist activities that can be carried out while at Lake Nakuru

Boat cruise; This beautiful lake provides the opportunity of thrilling boat cruises that enable a tourist to view the beautiful landscapes, the shimmering waters and get a moment to relax. The beauty is that these boat safaris can be taken in a group and while moving through the different parts of the lake one can listen to the various stories from the local tour guides. It is however important to note that tourist must put on life jackets while on a boat trip and carryout this activity with the aid of a local tour guide.

Cultural Tours; While on a safari at Lake Nakuru, one can take a walk around the neighboring community especially people living close to the shores of the lake who are the famous Maasai people. Thes group of people are pastoralists and are have a very rich culture and believes, have interesting traditional songs and dances, ways of living not forgetting that the Maasai make wonderful pieces of crafts and clothing. This cultural safari around Lake Nakuru would indeed be one of the best as one would be able to explore the different and rich Maasai culture.

Wild life viewing; Guided game drives around lake Nakuru national park is one of the most popular means of exploring the park and spotting its diverse wildlife species. Safari Vehicles move tourist throughout the Parks networks of Roads and visitors get the opportunity to observe animals in their natural Habitats some of the wildlife species at the park include; black and white rhinos, impalas, water bucks, lions, gazelles, leopard, giraffes, hippos, Columbus monkeys, hyenas, zebras to mention but a few. This shall indeed make ones’ safari at Lake Nakuru national park incredible

 Bird watching; The lake nestles a wide variety of bird species with the most prominent one being the beautiful pink flamingoes that color the shores giving it a beautiful look. While at Lake Nakuru Birding safari, one can get the opportunity to view the beautiful bird species such as; Pelicans, ostriches, ducks, grebes, sand grouse, crowned eagles to mention buts a few. These birding tours shall indeed give an opportunity for tourists to witness the impressive arrays of bird species that the park harbors.

Lake Nakuru
Birding at Lake Nakuru

Rhino Tracking; Tourists are able to Visit Lake Nakuru national park Rhino Sanctuary and view the beautiful wildlife species and also be able learn about how these endangered species of wildlife have been protected.

Guided nature walks; Guided walks around the lake and the national Park offer a bigger opportunity for a more intimate and close exploration of the lake and park’s landscapes, allowing tourists to appreciate the diverse plant and animal at life and also be able to connect with nature while relaxing.

Picnics and camping; Several designated Camp and picnic Sites within the park provide opportunities for tourist to spent time with nature and enjoy scenic views while dinning al fresco, additionally to this Camping facilities are available for those who wish to spend a night under the star in the heart of wilderness.

The best time to visit lake Nakuru is during the dry season of the year which includes months of January, February, December, June, July, August and September. The lake can however be visited anytime of the year however, during the dry seasons it is easier to spot the various species of wildlife and view the different birds.