Is Gorilla Trekking Safe? Uganda, Rwanda &Congo Safaris-Africa

Is gorilla trekking safe? : This is the most common asked question to travelers wishing to visit gorilla trekking .However ,gorilla trekking can done in Uganda ,Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo whereby each of the  gorilla safari destination receive considerable revenue from the money collected for gorilla trekking .A gorilla permit in Rwanda USD1,500,in Uganda USD700 and in Congo costs USD450 ,over 200 people who contribute in gorilla trekking in these countries each day .The total amount collected is considerable for the developing countries ,in order to protect the importance source of foreign rate ,the countries are willing to go to great length to protect the primates and visitors that come to see them.

Is gorilla trekking safe
Is gorilla trekking safe

For that matter, gorilla conservation programmers have been initiated to protect the gorillas through the money collected from the travelers. And number of national parks employ armed rangers to look out for poachers. The government of those countries tend to deploys the military to flush out any rebels using the parks as refuge. All countries provide border patrols by the army to help in monitoring any security incidences that could happen the security of tourists.

Mountain gorillas are peaceful creatures considering their size and strength, often referred to as the gentle giants of the forest. You will also have a chance to visit habituated gorilla families. Habituated gorilla families are undertaken a process of 2 to 3 years, to get used to human being, just like any other wild animal’s care and rules must be followed during gorilla tours.

Regarding all gorilla tracking countries Uganda, Rwanda and Congo provides tight security and safety to the travelers on their visit to gorilla safari destination. All these countries are extremely friendly, kind and open to foreign visitors. In general Uganda and Rwanda are peaceful, hospital and secure unlike other countries, one should exercise caution while in large developed cities, because there is much theft of pickpockets in the large cities. Way back ‘’10 years ‘’Uganda’s tourism industry was negatively affected by the Kony rebellion in the northern side of the country but the government armed force did their great work to fight for peace and peace now have been fully restored and the rebels long flushed out.

Is it safe to trek gorillas in Congo-Virunga National Park?

The Democratic Republic of Congo is still unstable though armed force has been provided in the parks to safe guard tourists on their visit. We advise visitors on their visit here don’t necessarily spread to all parts of the country. The Virunga national park is safe and secure, open to the tourists. Meanwhile, Virunga is one of the best managed parks in Africa and offers the best lodges in East and central Africa. The stakeholders include; conservation, international staff and local. The park managements take the security of visitors on a safari in Congo more seriously, a great length to ensure travelers to the park are safely protected. Visitors to the park always escorted by armed guards and wardens or poachers. A traveler to Virunga National Park need to see more armed personnel and gun than usual. The park also benefits from the presence of a large squad of UN peacekeeper to the nearby Goma town –Get surprised to find a large diplomatic community in the area.

Is gorilla trekking safe
Is gorilla trekking safe

Is it safe to do gorilla trekking in Uganda?

Uganda is hospitable and peaceful country, above all boasting with the highest number of endangered mountain gorillas in Africa. They can be encountered in two national parks Bwindi Impenetrable national park and Mgahinga Gorilla national park. Uganda also offers more affordable gorilla trekking destination than Rwanda. For over years, there has been no security threat in Bwindi or Mgahinga Gorilla national park. The government provided well trained military base within the national park to work hand in hand with armed rangers and tourism police in order to keep the park and tourists safe. Then the border patrol defense forces are provided to ensure that no rebel element take a cover of refuge in the forest from the neighboring countries. Also communities that live around the park involves in all security arrangement, because they benefit from tourism, for such reason they will have to take responsibility to report any suspicious threat toward the travelers.

Security and Safety of gorilla trekking in Rwanda

Rwanda is recognized to be one of the safest countries in the world and a cleanest at all. In Rwanda volcanoes national park there is tight security and cases of poaching are no more, due to tight security put in and around the park’’ military forces and police man’’ has broken the evil plans of rebel elements from neighboring countries who wishes to take refuge with in the park. Take note, the chances of getting mugged or stolen in Rwanda is lower than in any bigger grown country.

Tips for gorilla trekking

A traveler to be on safe side before visiting any gorilla trekking safari destination, first book your gorilla trekking permit with your tour operator and ensure that your tour operator is genuine with a registered company that has been existing for years and dwelt with other clients in the past. Make sure, they have bank accounts or an online payments system to make your payments from. We advise you never to send your money to individual’s accounts. For more details, please kindly contact us Achieve Global Safaris.

Is gorilla trekking safe
Is gorilla trekking safe

Rules of Gorilla Trekking Safari

Mountain gorillas are calm and peaceful species; they are out of calm when are threaten.

You should keep a distance of about 7 to 8 meters when you locate them

Do not separate from the group which may put you in danger

Do not look directly in the eyes of mountain gorillas always try to avoid it.

Always lower your voices while in the forest

Dressing codes matters to limit injuries;

While gorilla trekking rules are very important the same also goes to what to wear while trekking gorillas in the African nature inhabitants. On visit always pack sturdy hiking boots to deal with slippery terrain, Long sleeved shirts and long trousers to protect you from insect bites, sunglasses and a hat are good items for protecting you against the sun. You will also pack warm clothes, rain jackets to protect you rain season.

Travelers you’re advised to always request for an easier hike, if you doubt your body fitness, then on the day od briefing the rangers will allocate you to a gorilla family basing on your fitness among other factors. And if you believe in yourself you will request or go for more difficult hike. The elders and disabled participates can be helped by the porters to pull them to and from.