Hiking The Rwenzori Mountains : Rwenzori mountains is found in the western part of Uganda at the Border of Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. This is a block mountain that was formed millions of years ago and is Uganda’s Highest Mountain and the 3rd highest in the whole of Africa with its highest peak being Margherita with 5109m (17,047ft) above sea level   which is located on Mount Stanley. Mountain Rwenzori Ranges is approximately 458km by road from Kampala the capital city of Uganda. It is also a home to Mt Rwenzori National Park that has diverse numerous wildlife making it a great Hiking safari destination. Mountain Rwenzori has notable peaks that include; mount include; mount baker, mount Speke, mount Emin which are covered with glaciers, snow and beautiful lush vegetation.

All these peaks have trails that cut across the different parts of the mountain making it a great Hiking safari destination. Rwenzori mountains offer one of the best and breathe taking Hiking experiences in Uganda not forgetting that it is home to Mount Rwenzori national park which is filled with numerous animal and plant species. Mountain Rwenzori has numerous treks that run across till the top of the mountain. It is estimated to take approximately between 4 to 12 days to hike till the highest peak of the mountain and about 2 to 4 days to hike to short heights of approximately below 3000 meters. However, there are always campsites that are situated along the mountain where hikers can take a break and also sleep and rest while on their Hiking safari at Rwenzori mountains.

Guidelines to Hiking at Rwenzori Mountain.

 The following are guideline tourists can follow when hiking a mountain like Rwenzori.

Selecting a suitable trail. This involves a tourist making the decision to select a walking trail that they would like to Hike and then get the map or direction of the trail leading to margarita peak. However, while selecting a trail, a tourist is always encouraged to know their limit in terms of how far they can go while hiking in order to avoid over working ones’ body.

Listening to instructions of local guides clearly. Tourists while on a mountain Rwenzori Hiking tour are encouraged to pay heed to instructions they are being given since one is going to a place they have never been to they need to be very careful to avoid unlikely occurance of certain activities.

Putting on very protective clothing and carrying enough clothes while hiking the mountain is also important to note. Tourists hiking mountain Rwenzori are encouraged to carry very warm jackets, water proof bags long- sleeved shirts, trousers and safety boots, c this shall help protect them from possibility of cuts from grass, insect bites and the safety boots help with getting g hurt by the rocks that are found on ranges of the mountain.

Carrying enough food and drinks; While Hiking Mountain Rwenzori it is important to know that there are no shops on the mountain, tourists are encouraged to carry enough food because once they start hiking, they will not have any place to buy food and drinks from.

Hiking The Rwenzori Mountains
Hiking The Rwenzori Mountains

Carrying a heavy back pack filled with necesities such as food, clothing, drinks, sleeping bag, to mention but a few can at times be very heavy and hectic to hike with till the top of mountain. Tourists are encouraged to solicit help from locals who carry back packs at a cost in order to relief them from the heaviness of the bags that they are carrying.

 Carryout the weather focus of the area each day before proceeding for hiking. This is because hiking can not be successful while it is raining on the mountains as the rainfall is usually very heavy and can even be very dangerous to human health. Therefore, Tourists are encouraged to carry out weather focus so as to move on the day they feel there will be no rainfall.

Hiking to the highest peak; When a tourist wants to summit to the highest peak they need shall take approximately 7 days to reach Margherita peak which is 5,109m on mount Stanely. While Hiking tourists shall meet accommodation which comprises of basic wooden huts that constructed along the different trails leading to the peak with each comprising of beds and wash rooms for each hut.

Rwenzori mountain can be visited as a stand alone safari or a combined safari with near by national parks starting with  Rwenzori national park, Kibale national park, Queen Elizabeth national and Bwindi impenetrable national park.

The best time to hike mountain Rwenzori is during the dry seasons of the year during the months of January, February, June , July, August and December. As during these months there are lesser rainfalls and mountain hiking activities on Rwenzori mountains are more successful.