Hiking Mount Rwenzori and Trekking Gorillas In Bwindi National Park : Have you ever considered fusing the two greatest adventure safari activities in Uganda? Indeed, it is possible to combine gorilla trekking in Bwindi National Park with hiking Mount Rwenzori.

Found between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mountain Rwenzori is the tallest mountain in Uganda and is a favorite getaway, especially for hiking enthusiasts.

The largest part of the mountain ranges lies in the renowned mountain Rwenzori National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage and about only 20% in Virunga National Park of Congo, home of the endangered mountain gorillas.

Naturally formed about 3 million years ago, the magnificent Rwenzori is made up of six massifs and they include Mount. Stanley, mount Baker, mount Emin, mount Luigi di savora, mount Gessi and mount Speke. In addition to being one of the River Nile’s natural sources, the Rwenzori mountain range is home to breathtaking glaciers and snow-capped peaks, earning it the moniker “mountains of the moon.”

The primary safari activity on this magnificent mountain is hiking. Mountain Rwenzori is also home to a variety of wildlife species, such as elephants, bushbucks, chimpanzees, monkeys, and baboons. It is naturally dominated by bamboo forests, tropical rain forests, snow, heath, African savanna, and alpine meadows. The mountain’s plentiful ecosystem also attracts a wide range of about 140 different bird species including the famous Rwenzori Turaco thus rendering it a popular destination for bird viewing activities.

Mount. Stanley is the highest of the six massifs of Rwenzori and stands at about 5,109 meters tall above sea level. Mount Stanley has multiple peaks in addition to Margherita, which is its highest peak. At 4,890 metres, Mount Speke is the second-highest peak in Stanley. It has four summits: Johnston, Emanuele, Trident, and Ensonga. At 4,844 metres, Mount Baker is the third-highest peak in the group, after Mount Emin, Mount Gessi, and Mount Luigi di Savoia.

Hiking Expeditions On Rwenzori Mountain.

The popular and obvious tourism activity on the great mountain Rwenzori is hiking. Bot seasonal hikers and inexperienced hikers are seen mountaineering aiming to reach the summit. Rwenzori Mountain is considered to be the third-highest peak in Africa, and it could take up to eight days to reach Margherita’s highest peak. The most rewarding and breathtaking experience is reaching the final summit even though it’s quite challenging and tiresome, especially for inexperienced hikers.

There are numerous hiking routes or trails that are suitable to make it to the summit including the popular Kilembe route, a central circuit trek that may take about eight to nine days due to its physical nature tough considered one of the best routes to use as it allows the climber to access all the summits. The central circuit route starts from Nyakalengija.

These hiking trails all take you through deep, dense forests and forest hikes, offering breathtaking views of wildlife and other noteworthy natural features like hilly terrain and water sources. Forest nature hikes can be the ideal choice for hikers who have a strong interest in wildlife and are allergic to climbing, as they provide an opportunity to experience the peaceful plant life on the lower slopes of the majestic Mount Rwenzori.

Hiking Mount Rwenzori and Trekking Gorillas In Bwindi National Park
Hiking Mount Rwenzori

The Best Time to Hike Mount. Rwenzori.
Although it is possible to hike Mount Rwenzori all year round, the dry season is the ideal time to do so. In contrast to the rainy, wet season, when the hiking routes are muddy and slippery, making it difficult to reach the summit, the hiking routes are dried up with short, clear vegetation from June to August and December to February, making it simpler for climbers to access the routes and reach Margherita, the highest peak of the Rwenzori Mountains. The reduced vegetation allows for the observation of a wide variety of magnificent bird species in addition to the beauty of the wildlife.

While hiking is a popular tourist activity on the Rwenzori Mountains, the magnificent mountain is also home to a variety of wildlife species, including elephants, duikers, chimpanzees, monkeys, and more. It is also characterized by bamboo forests, snow, heath, alpine meadows, and tropical rain forests. The Rwenzori mountain ranges are home to about 190 different bird species, making them a popular safari destination for bird watching excursions. The sixth-highest mountain peak in Africa is Margherita Peak on the Rwenzori mountain range.

How Can One Combine Hiking Mountain Rwenzori With Gorilla Trekking In Bwindi Impenetrable Forest?

Combining mountain Rwenzori hiking with gorilla trekking in the Bwindi impenetrable national park is an option for Uganda safari visitors who want to experience the complete thrill of discovering the world’s physical natural wonders in this tiny nation. After hiking the Rwenzori Mountain, travelers can still go in advance and dive into the lush forests of Bwindi impenetrable and trek the only endangered mountain gorillas in the world.

The journey from Mountain Rwenzori National Park to Bwindi in further south western part of Uganda requires about 5 hours and is the best journey one could take for its full natural attractions and swaying landscapes. The wonderful journey will take travelers through the southern Ishasha sector of the vast Queen Elizabeth National Park where they will spot the rare tree-climbing lions.

Travellers will then get to Bwindi for gorilla trekking safari where they will have a life time opportunity of spending one full hour with the rare primate species, the only remaining mountain gorillas.