Bujagali falls is located in the eastern part of Uganda in Jinja district. These beautiful falls are found along the rapids of River Nile.  The falls has powerful rapids and beautiful rock placements that are  quite beautiful. Bujagali falls is approximately 104.1km from Kampala the capital city of Uganda. This fall is well known for beautiful white water rafting opportunities and is also the home to Bujagali Hydroelectric power dam one Uganda’s biggest supplier of Hydroelectricity. Bujagali falls is also strategically located near the source of the Nile one of the greatest tourist attractions in Uganda. While on a Bujagali falls tour, one can visit the source of the Nile and also be able to explore the Speke monument.

Tourist activities at Bujagali falls.

White water rafting; On the rapids of Bujagali falls there is a good opportunity to carry out white water rafting. A tourist while on a Bujagali falls tour gets the opportunity to experience the thrilling navigation through these powerful falls and enjoy the scenic views while on this beautiful adventure. White water rafting can usually be done with friends and these create indeed memorable experiences, photographs can be taken as souvenirs to mention but a few.

Bird watching; Along the banks of River Nile lie numerous species of Birds that are sweetly singing. These species shall indeed fulfil a birders experience. Bird species found along Bujagali falls include; Eastern plantain eater, little weavers, Bagla fecht weavers, Yellow white eye, king fisher, herons, African blue flycatcher to mention but a few. All these incredible bird species can be spotted while on a Bujagali falls / birding tour. This shall indeed make ones visit at Bujagali falls worthwhile.

Tubing; Floating over the rapids at Bujagali falls is indeed beautiful and worthwhile and is one of most fun activity while at Bujagali falls. Tubing can be done individually or in a group. However, it should be done with the aid of a local Guide so as to guide and direct while Tubing. This activity also comes at a cost depending on the tubing company that is tasked to operate. Tourists shall be guided before and during the activity and are encouraged to always put on their life jackets in order to be able to protect their lives while on water.

Bujagali falls
Tubing on Bujagali falls

Horseback riding; while at Bujagali falls one can choose from the various well-trained horses and take a horse ride around the community. However, this should be done after receiving guidance from a local tour guide. While horseback riding, one can carry out a community tours, bird viewing, relax while viewing sunsets and connecting with nature to mention but a few. Photography can also be carried while horse riding as souvenirs. This activity also comes at cost and the prices depend on the duration of the ride and the horseback riding service provider.

Community encounter; The community around Bujagali falls is surrounded by the famous Basoga people of Busoga kingdom. These people have a very rich culture that includes their beautiful traditional dances such as the basoga dance, their folk songs, craft pieces such as pottery, African wears to mention but a few. While on a cultural tour at Bujagali falls, one visits the local people, learn about their day-to-day ways of living, their local cuisine, their origin and beautiful stories about Jinja. All these and many more can be learned while on a community encounter at Bujagali falls in Jinja.

Hiking; The beautiful arrangements of rocks at the falls offer a beautiful opportunity for hiking. with the aid of a local tour guide one can hike through the falls to the top and enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the waters, refresh and connect with nature and relax to the sweet sounds of the water fall. Hiking could also be a good source of exercise. Therefore, a tourist can consider carrying out Hiking as one of the activities while on a Bujagali fall tour in Jinja.

Explore the source of the Nile; The source of the Nile is a few miles from the falls making it possible to combine ones Bujagali falls tour with one of source of the Nile. The source of the Nile River is found at Lake Victoria in Jinja Uganda’s tourist city. This spot was marked by the John Speke monument as he was the British explorer that first fund the source of Africa’s longest rivers. This is indeed a great place to visit as a tourist besides getting to see the source of the Nile gets the opportunity to participate or watch the local traditional dances, songs and many more fun activities at the source of the Nile.

The best time to visit the source of the Nile I during the dry seasons of the year that include months of January, February, June, July, August, September and December. However, one can visit the falls throughout the year.